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Made with pure Malt and their famous a yeast which makes Heineken and all season all the time kind of beer me. Personally, I like to invite my Pals Amanda Dobbins and Chris Ryan over to my back porch sit out there crack open a Chris Colt Heineken, and enjoy the fall months here in Los Angeles. So pick up a pack or have it delivered today and drink responsibly. I'm Sean Fantasy I'm Amanda Dobbins, and this is the big picture a conversation show about David fincher part to later in this episode I have a conversation with the different visionary. Her name is Miranda July she has a new film called Kajillions opening this weekend. I. Hope you will stick around for that and now joining us to close the loop on the fincher rankings that we began on an episode earlier this week is the big picture tyler durden a man whose ideas are so powerful. He isn't even real. He's just the projection of my masculine ideal. It's Chris Ryan, guess what soap is made out of brother. You tell us. They're made out of my thoughts she we want address I she we addressed the controversy surrounding part one or should we address the fact that you guys are GonNa have to come crawling back to television for the rest of twenty? Twenty. Well I think we gotta talk. About Some of these things they fit together right I we we blasphemed the TV format on the last episode of this show you know I, I like television and I love mindhunter but I still feel strongly about where we placed it in the episode earlier this week and I think Karma we've been paid back by Disney deciding to move almost all of its films off of the slate to twenty twenty one amanda didn't even really WanNa talk about this but here you are talking about it on a podcast feeling no black widow this year death on the Nile gone everything you wanted gun I mean it definitely. Is a personal loss, the month of Amanda which was supposed to be October just got a little. Less fine. But when we're framing and in terms of now I have to come crawling back to TV. No, I don't I really don't. This is a this is a movie podcast. I'M GONNA Watch. What I want I'm going to feel what I feel about formats you can't tell me anything. So I just want to this. Is. Her brain and her eyes.

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