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I don't know who is any every i dunno i mean good for them guys have a very interesting piece of trivia about this okay i was asked to audition for the film cnn mouth propaganda i turn down the audition all i live just curious as it were meanwhile listen the film's director told the hollywood reporter we're trying to break new ground in the faithbased genre is dirt under the bigger nils action packed grittier yes were stylistic a more cinematic to would audience have seen previously that sounds like some you'd wanna be in propaganda besides it probably being terrible why would you have turned it down well because the audition was this month and it would have taken blake six months off of my touring calendar that unlike released a record man i can't just released a record and then disappear to make a movie like you got a tour the album darrow i just made a decision on saying okay that's like a side project for me and it would've just can't take away from plan eight do plan b i love i love the idea that they couldn't get propaganda so they got the lead singer from anthem lights i don't know who that is as the i heard the name but a problem really disappoint i would've totally seen him movie where you are the pilgrim and pilgrims progress yeah like i would've i would've washed that non ironically really enjoy yet you would have been the lead propaganda what about your you'd be the only within the judas character betrayer not have a diverse you guys know goes on to give pilgrim's progress where the black guide is remembered our johnny mike started that whole thing he's like the cool best comes on the overnight traps the slasher gets and i yeah that was john bunyan's lysine of black transformer died first black man died first.

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