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The Seventh Day Adventist Church in Yonville today to care for fire evacuees. CBS is Tim Ryan explains it, it explains, rather than Adventist health has closed its clinics and state Halina and Calistoga, Carla Newton with Adventist Health and her crew are providing not only covert testing, but Primary care for those finding not only Saint Alina hospital clothes but also medical clinics in Calistoga and ST Paulina that they had some people that were around and needing some primary care assistance. So we're in response to that, but we're also going to be Going to other locations as well throughout the community, David Cervantes says this mobile clinic will help evacuees got ahold of their medicines as so many fled their homes without them. And he noted that the turnout was surprisingly small for covert testing. Possibly people staying indoors with this smoky air. What we're doing is We advertise. It also has a drive through so people stay in their cars, and then we'll just go reaching, you know, make sure that they're not exposed, get a swab and then have a go on their way. So they're not really outside in the environment like we are. It is so smoky in Yonville that thes medical workers in their student volunteers are wearing in and 95 mask. Over there in 95 Mask in the outfield. Tim Ryan KCBS and Mobile health clinic will be in the same location tomorrow between 10 in the morning and two in the afternoon in an effort to thank firefighters that battling flames in the glass fire, Sonoma County restaurant is stepping up to feed them on the job. Hey, CBS is Carrie, who dissect reports from Glen Ellyn, where hundreds of pizzas are being delivered to cruise this week. We really wanted to focus on something positive. People are our staff working and do some good in the community, Glen Ellyn Star restaurant owner, airy Weiss, Wasser says, even though it's been a struggle for them to stay open during the covert 19 pandemic and now fire evacuations. They still want to show their.

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