President Trump, Michael Flynn, FBI discussed on Lee Mathews



Director calls President Trump a liar. I'm Dave Anthony, Fox News Republicans use to understand that the actions of a president matter that words of a president matter the rule of law matters and the truth matters James call after second round of questioning in ten days at the capitol. Fox's Rachel Sutherland live in Washington, David visibly, angry James Comey blasted Republicans and President Trump as he left the closed door hearing with members of the House Judiciary and oversight committee's referencing. The case of Michael Flynn up here attacking the FBI investigation of a guy who pled guilty to lying to the FBI. He should have been warned. You shouldn't lie should have been told. You can have a lawyer White House press secretary Sarah Sanders released a statement calling Conelly shameless fraud and saying Republicans to stand up to him and what she called his tremendous corruption. Dave, Rachel, President Trump just tweeted to Michael Flynn. Good luck today in court, nationalist. Security advisor, he fired to the FBI than cooperated with a special counsel's Russia probe. The president. Also wrote will be interesting to see what Flynn has to say. Adding there was no collusion. Flynn pleaded guilty last year to line to federal investigators about his contacts with Russia's ambassador during the presidential transition and their sentencing memo special counsel, prosecutors commended Flynn's substantial assistance Muller's lawyers argue that a sentence of no prison time is appropriate and warranted. Fox's John decker. They're in mourning in Chicago to police officers are dead after they ran after a suspect yesterday responding to reports of shots fired investigation. Both officers were struck by passing metro train, and died instantly. Police superintendent Eddie Johnson as a person of interest in custody CBS is not going to pay the CEO at fired for sexual misconduct. Les Moonves a one hundred twenty million dollars severance network uses moon vez of destroying.

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