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Tips can you give for. When the sundowners hits in she is angry. I have tried gentle correction that she had met a her family members that she thinks she has not met but quickly discovered that wasn't the right decision. I decided to agree with her. Income home. I just need bits of wisdom wisdom for those of us that don't have the radio loving relationships that you talk about. Oh my good goodness my my heart hurt for this lady when she mentioned not having the loving relationship that i talk about and my sweet mama beer gene and i had a very very unusually close relationship and you know my momma just never argued with me about anything except one time i told her that i had been asked to preach at a local church and she said you're not a preacher and i said well mama aren't we all called to be preachers. She said i think we better pray about that. That was one of the few times that mama argued with me about anything as a result of her dementia angela but knowing this happens in knowing this is what my friend intimacies dealing with my heart hurt for her but i wrote her back <hes> explaining planning that sundown sundown happens when the sun goes down or it can even start several hours beforehand and the actual act of the sun ongoing down has a negative effect on dementia. It's kind of like pouring gasoline on a fire boy. It's gonna make it worse. Some people will sundown and some people will not <unk> some down someday sound sundown who that's a whole lot spit out here some day. His son downing doesn't seem to be so intense in you think you've got it under control control and tomorrow <unk> awad breaks loose. It's very hard to predict. I one thing that she could do is make sure their lights left on in her home. Especially starting about two o'clock i would turn every light in the home. I mean every light in the home on a yacht might run your power bill up a little bit but who cares if it keeps mama calm in that important important artificial light does seem to help lessen the effects of sunday owning mother had a floor lamp. That was an ought light o._t._t. L. i. g. h. t. and it's one that i had bought for her specifically to go over her shoulder and focus down on her crocheting so she could save better and we began to realize that light on her in the afternoon was affecting her mood in a positive way so leaving the lights on even allowing knowing them to sleep with the lights on if they lay down for an afternoon nap in they're able to sleep with the lights on leave them on. There's nothing wrong with it. I'm gonna tell you girlfriend no friend. I can go to sleep with the lights on in the living room. When product in my recliner does not bother me a bit so if your mom can sleep with the lights on just leave them on another thing that she might want to consider is keeping her on a set schedule. That is very important. Don't change up the schedule too much much in certainly don't plan events for after about two o'clock in the afternoon unless you just want to see if all you know what break loose because you bet it will serve serve. You're going out of the house doctors appointments or you're just gonna go do something fine. Go get ice cream highly recommend going and get some ice cream every once in a while. Gosh that sounds good but do that. <hes> in the morning or shortly after launch be back home probably by about to collect so she's back in familiar territory tori. She knows where things are. Whatever degree her brain will allow her to process that realized that when sundown comes one thing you can do is to offer their your favorite snack takes their mind off of whatever it is their mind is on and that is unpleasant for them and for you <hes> i know great caregiver caregiver in a small group home the group home. My mom lived in miss. Carla had a gentleman who would sundown quite heavily in the afternoon in he would start wandering. She put a small table just outside his bedroom door and she loaded with all his favorite food so when he got got up he had snacks. We pick up and go back room. Sit down needed then he come back out and guess what there were more snacks in that did help to decrease decrease his son downing. It took his mind off of what's going on now. Make sure it's a snack. I'm like you know don't put out brussel sprouts. That's probably not gonna make him happy. I'm just saying i'm all about eating healthy have recently begun the process of becoming certified through the blue zone project. I don't eat junk and there. There's nothing in my house to eat this bad for you but there are snacks that you can serve that are healthy and you need to keep that in mind for your loved. One is something that they will like. I'm all for peanut peanut butter. There you go try that and the other thing is don't overlook the benefit of music playing music during the difficult hours of the day. Maybe maybe even starting that music before. Those difficult hours hit because music lands on all our brains in a very positive way if it's musically alight biz music. We don't like it's going to irritate us don't do that. Don't play bluegrass remain. I don't like bluegrass but she played kenny g. or the gaither vocal band or i like to hear dolly parton and kenny rogers sing islands in the stream. It makes me so happy so find out and recognize what type music in the song oh specifically that your loved one likes play that music for them for mom for my sweet mama bear jeans she liked to hear. Jim reeves sang. Put your sweet lips little closer to the phone. I could play that for her. So you wanna play that music. Either in the room or the more effective method would be to put hit headphones <music> owns on their head. Not ear buds ear. Buds are something they're not familiar with but <unk> headphones on their head and play that music for the maybe they'll go to sleep listening to it and that's a good thing and then lastly never ever ever ever ever correct them. They are right. I don't care if they tell you they're aliens falling coming from the sky in their purple eight frogs you go with it. You ask details you ask more about the story. You promise you're gonna fix whatever it is if they need you to get the lebron starts sweeping it all away then you get the bremen pretenders wave away. I don't care what it is. You've got to do to convince them that. You believe their story. You do it because house what they're seeing what they're telling. You is very real to them. Son downing is a trip in. It's not a trip any of sign up for and pay to go on the the trip. We try to avoid in my heart hurt for my friend in tennessee who's dealing with this coming from a person who has really never cared too much about them. Kudos does to you my friend for caring enough in being kind enough to reach out to god's children in a time nate a no. It's not easy. I thank you guys is for listening and i think national association veterans and families for sponsoring this episode w._w._w. Dot n. a. v. f. dot o._r._g. You can reach them there or eight hundred the three five to to nine one nine tell carol since you are go about your caregiving journeys smile. Keep the lights on play..

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