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Addis Ababa. Six months since the latest outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo broke out have been something like seven hundred confirmed cases, making it the second largest outbreak in history response efforts continue to be hampered by insecurity and community resistance from the capital Kinshasa, the BBC's guys Cohen any joins us live six months in and given the previous outbreaks in the I in recent years have been contained very quickly. Are people starting to be quite concerned about this one? Well, it depends on who we are talking to and where these people are for example in the Benue region Benny and timber region word able outbreak is rather Jing some people don't believe that Ebola Israel, some of them believe that it's some sort of come for the government to to to get money from the international community or its partners. Or maybe they think it's a political thing that is done to to to prevent them from injuring their political rights, however in other parts of the world country. They take you seriously, and people are worried you will see for example, some offices. They have places where someone can go and wash their hands before you get in in many places. Now, they're taking temperature of people to check if they have Ebola or not. So it is taken seriously, but some members of the community in Benny and Bhutan. They don't believe that people as real. And the difficulty was that Secaucus is the the the difficult areas to operate because of rebel groups in in and around Benny. And so on it's not that easy to go out is it to certain places and convince people that yes voter is real. It's not that easy. Really to know. How many people have got the disease? It's it's not really easy, for example in in bay in timbale. NBC actually, some members of their of their response team have been attacked by community people who thought that oh these guys just coming to joke with us and not do anything. Right. They have been attacked. So there's a lot of work now being involved being put into sensitizing people. But also in rebel areas. It's quite hard to send people we know that they may be kidnapped by armed dribbles. So it's making things hard for the response team. Usually in cases, like these local officials foreign aid groups, and so on say that they're not getting the resources, they need they need greater resources. Let's say to deal with an outbreak on this scale is that the case here as well. So far, we have inherited the ministry of health or even the other members of the response team complain about resources, so far the two things they're complaining about is community resistance, and and insecurity and. That's those are only the two things we've had them complain about. But not really about finances. But the scale of the outbreaks about four hundred and fifty people dead. I mean, that's pretty shocking, isn't it? It is it is. And it's the most devastating actually outbreak. We've had in DRC dear democratic probably go ahead and had ten outbreaks since nineteen seventy six, and this is the most devastating one. Of course, if you look at this level rate, for example, you we see thirty seven percent is not the lowest survival rate. But the thing is fifty seven percent of seven hundred you have more people dead done sixty three percent of thirty five for example. So you can see that it is the most devastating guys reporting to his life from Kinshasa capsule, the Democratic Republic of Congo. You're listening to news stay on the BBC World Service with adding Kasuga in Addis Ababa James cardinal in London. Our main story right now the United States says it's prepared to make concessions to secure the denuclearization of Korean peninsula. But it's still demanding that North Korea's food. Details of its nuclear arsenal. And now with the latest sports news. Matthew kenyon. Good morning. Good morning to you. We're going to talk about the Asian Cup final. It's Japan against Qatar in the UAE in a few hours time, but it's just under twenty four hours since the Asian football. Confederation confirmed that they'd been an official complaint from the host nation about the eligibility of two players who seem certain to feature in that final few as time and we've still had no word from the authorities. Remember Qatar knocked out the UA in the semifinal with thumping four nil victory. Let's talk to the BBC's many jazz may who's been covering the turnament throughout many. What is the latest on? This say we haven't heard anything official was the last thing that we had simply confirmation of that complaint. Yes, I'm getting nothing from the AFC. They the tone of the messages back to me AS Roma's rather exhaust me asking the same questions all the time. I understand that the categories are calm about this. It's all it's all speculation. What the AFC disciplinary an ethics code says is that if a team fails United enjoyable player, then they will forfeit that the matching which they filled it them if they dean to fielded them after competition, then they could be suspended for the next day AFC competition. So the US is a last gasp effort by them to try and get into the final. But the trouble is, of course, that Catta have beaten six teams already with both of these players in in almost every every match and the the question is the nationality eligibility both of these players were born abroad. There's no question about that. But my understanding is that they registered with the AFC on the basis that their mothers were born in Qatar. And that is the point of dispute. You a website has published documents which it says proves that they were born in Iraq and Sudan respectively. But it's it's unclear we still don't know what the AFC we'll do about his appeal. We'll wait and say as I say only a few as till the final Ashim he catchall make you onto the pitch later on today. Many you would expect would you not Japan to come out winners the softening? Well, I don't think it's a foregone conclusion not at all. I mean, Japan, far less impressive and cata. They peaked superbly in the semifinal after being very scratchy in the early stages, but cats have the leading goalscorer who's one of these plays alley. They haven't conceded. A single goal yet. They have the leading assist provider all of the stats are in that favor. And they will ready beaten three previous champions on the way to the final. Where they'll meet a force fantastic. Many. Jasmine, however, it pans out of the failed on the failed. Manny will be keeping us up to date later on. Here on the BBC sport today is on your radio nine hundred thousand thirty GMT and world football presented by Manny is available now at BBC World, Service dot com. A couple of other football lines for you. In fact, it's almost all football this morning on the pitch carrying Benjamin scored twice to move up to six in rail Madrid all time top goalscorers list, his Girona to reach the Coppa del Rey. Semifinals in h Lee last year beat into Milan they needed a penalty. Shoot-out though to set up a two legged copper Italia semifinal with AC melon a few lines from the end of the European transfer window English Premier League side, Crystal Palace signed Chelsea striker Michigan bat Choi on loan until the end of the season Senegal's address. Sergei is staying put Everton despite a late bid from Perry sangoma, but his colleague Ganic Belleci, the DRC international has moved to and alleged online Swansea's Ivorian style. Wilfried bony has gone to Qatari club alligator had on loan and Burnley have signed. The thirty eight year old former England striker Peter crouch that will be his seventh English primarily club. Let's hope for a sold in Germany Borussia Dortmund have confirmed that midfielders Shinji Kagawa has been loaned to test in Turkey and Barcelona agreed to sign twenty year old Brazilian Emerson from athletic amino for twelve million euros thirty million dollars. He'll join the club in July. Bacelona also added to the women's squad yesterday with Nigeria's ASI Chateau Oshawa going there on loan from her Chinese side Deliang khanjian, it's the off season in China at the moment and Schaller is came to keep in shape to compete for the super falcons at the women's World Cup later on this year, and in the NBA a winning return for LeBron James who played more than forty minutes in his first action after a seventeen game injury lay-off for the L Lakers. They beat local rivals here clippers one hundred and twenty three to one hundred and twenty after overtime. Lebron afterwards called it the toughest stretch of his career Natalie. Thank you. Now we used to hearing. That Russia is trying to influence world events on social media. Now, it's there on Facebook is closed down nearly eight hundred pages and the number of groups and accounts apparently linked to Iran that describing them as inauthentic accounts aimed at influencing opinion in more than twenty countries. So as Facebook now taking tougher action against those believed to deliberately use it to influence elections or undermine democracy. Cybersecurity expert and the presence of secure mental and also author of advanced persistent security, IRA Winkler told me more what Facebook has done has been deleted accounts that have been tied to Iranian actors. And what these accounts have done was to space simulate create fake news sites that have been purported to put out real news. But really they were putting out prop Iranian propaganda along the lines of Russia, say or. The accusation against Russia and Russian linked organizations is they're very actively trying to change elections. For example, is not the case here was this more just pushing an Iranian view on the world. I think it's a little bit of both a lot of the propaganda, frankly is anti Donald Trump because Donald Trump has been going against the US intelligence services on his own, for example, and saying that Iran is still attempting to produce nuclear weapons, which was the exact opposite conclusion of the intelligence community. So they've been kind of focusing on that type of information simultaneously. They also want to change public perception of Iran as not necessarily an enemy of the United States. They also put out pro Palestinian propaganda as well as any of the other interests in the Middle East that they've been trying to push for their own interests in the region. So. All of that sounds like depending on your political perspective true, but not necessarily. Illegal or immoral to try and put those views out there. What what then was the specific problem with the accounts pretending to be something. They weren't. That's exactly the problem. They were pretending to be legitimate local news sources within the United States, like every, you know, every city of any size in the United States tends to have a television station, a radio station or something, and they and a lot of people trust the local stations more than they might trust like an international or national station like the equivalent of a BBC, and they think that the local news is more real than national news. So they try to give that fake impression that their local news is recording these incidents, like it's a fact frankly, either way, whether it's a legal or not these people are pretending to be somebody else on the internet and they're doing so four not good reasons..

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