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I still think it's empty steals in in that. That's all you're getting. I don't think he hits better than i think. Max to seventy the rest of the way and no power to speak up. That was his first homer of the year that he hit this week. Thirty two ribs only fifty one run so it's literally empty speed but some people need that and a lot of people have a roster structure that they can afford that. They're so desperate for steals. Were you after nikki. Lopez it all on the wire this week. I was not for the same reason that we're talking about about how it's already been the goodness or you. Just he's just he's not a good baseball player and he's working his way back. He's gonna lose his job you don't think they'll find a way to keep playing him. I mean they will but it won't be full-time you don't think they'll send edward oliver saudi. Even though he's not on the team like they'll find a way to bring him up just to send him down yet. Just take my indices spot. Be so i can royals i if someone who has commented on every single one of my articles on van grass really the last three weeks. Fire dayton moore. Oh okay so it's not just my articles. They've infiltrated yeah. It's new for me though. They came over welcome. He's been doing it for like two or three straight weeks. Ever since about edward others get extent down for like done that alone. That alone gets me on his side. Because i i'm not complaining. I'm i i like it. Every time i turned to bit on dayton moore for positive. You know he was. He was a laughing stock for a while and then the success that they had. I mean you you can really only say so much. They did a great job with the bullpen building. The small ball team that they they kind of worked for the new era was was pretty good. you know. I still disagreed with some of the things they did. Let that stupid thing about leading off l. c.'s escobar and. We win games when he does not cause him like in his frigging coup seventy bp. Like get outta here. But i've come back around to the negative because of because a moves like the edward only various thing how silly it is to still be wasting time on my coin taylor or you know even somebody i have liked in the past like hunter dosier like what like what are we doing. There is not clearly at this point. Twenty nineteen fluke like a rabbit ball. Yeah but i mean. They signed him to a long term deal. Like i don't think they can just play him at third who's emmanuel rivera. I have no why. Edward only various not up and then that's even beyond the the dosier thing there were times that gerard dyson was playing pretty regularly that edward. Only granola kind of come. I said only at all in various you could have come up does your should be playing third and always plan right. I mean it's like what what is aware as house to prove in minor league. Says this i i don't know i don't i don't mean bogged down that we're talking about nikki lopez but yeah. I'm with you about not going hard. I put in token single digit bids in two weeks. If i get him cool. I won't because people will go crazy. They can bid their their high double digits that that'd be bore bidding. I wish you the best folks unless you're in my say i in my main. In one of my main event links it is one of the most competitive leagues. I've ever been a part of. And i say that because i got shut out on three of my bid claims in like the last week of august. Hey that yeah that. I mean that does speak like this week and i was like and looked at my team. Like hey house choice on my team. I thought i cut this any. I'm pretty sure. I taught him and i went and looked i was like oh my god i had. I had eight backup bids. Why would ask. How many had that's that in got. Shut out on three claims. That's why old. I mean in like it's it is a league with a bunch of really really good player phil too so Rob silver you know but like everybody is still working right now like every nobody has given up in this league except for like the guy in last place. Wow while while. I mean people are just been working hard to try to try to get back into the money which i appreciate and i love yet same time like hey guys. I needed someone to this week. And you and you wanted to take advantage of you know what can usually be a a peak buying time because people start running. Yeah yeah budget. Three dollar bids everywhere and he said up your game dog yet. My own the only thing i got was an eleven dollar a in wick tang and they. They did you dirty there. Yeah i got. I got myself. I have We have five teams in the top ninety which which is really really really tight. And it's going to be a wild race down to the finish there and You know i'm not as aggressive as yours. In terms of everyone bidding but a big chunk of the league is still bidding regularly putting out bids and and really really chasing folks so We'll see tj antonio for forty. One dollars i got lorenzen for thirty two which was way too high was five was the backup but i thought i thought with two saves including one on sunday. Then he might go crazy and i had the angle casteel who by the way only has one save since joining seattle. One of the five saves that they have so. That's why i felt comfortable cutting him even though really liked what castio did for me this year with Tampa bay and everything. I figure i might as well get somebody who can give me a couple saves Especially because bednarz one of my other ones presley's my main guy but yeah anyway don't know bog down talking about my team. Let's keep keep people in focus. Talk about tyler. This guy's having a banana season. But the only thing is i. Think the only people that are benefiting from our and l. only because the volatility of this season means i think it keeps getting cut in mixed leagues six homers in april. Probably miss some of those before people even starting to pick them up seven homers in may through july not each month obviously because that would be twenty one more homers and he's obviously not a liter and homers seven total in those three months justin and then five here in august all of which have come in the last twelve games where he has a fourteen thirty-five old. Ps he seven forty six in his first six games of the mind. He gets four righties in six game week this week. But it's burns would drift sandy santiago. Tara and zach thompson is the hot street from dune. Anything for you or is this another case of yati missed the goodness you might as well just let it.

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