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Is the collusion case and if i'm telling you let's say i'm right there's no happy ending for calling capper nick in the nfl there will be no happy ending you have to ask ourselves the will there be happy ending for this entire player protest in the nfl as well because you can wear guys like michael bennett say premise india will happen it doesn't get i got i got i got i got news for you will there is a happy there could potentially be happy ending again this if he does hypothetically speaking if he were to win this could lose collusion case and he was to highlight what the owners would do it and the owners therefore have to not only pay him off but also address the issues that he wanted address in some capacity excuse me that's a huge win this assessment who's worried because they play the game anymore does he even have a chance to come back because now filed against this as a matter of fact it if he establishes collusion then i would say yes and even if he doesn't made me look if you're the nfl what's the best outcome right now the colin kaepernick get a job somewhere it undermines its collusion argument i mean i'm not sure that colin kaepernick doesn't get another an nfl job at some point he's better than almost all the backups maybe better than all the backups and he's probably better than a few start to a quarterback he has he's asked to depose roger goodell vincent bob mcnair john mira steve tisch jerry jones and robert kraft and you think after that they want those guys i don't see records yeah you think there's going to be a job at the end of that not going to here's here's what i could tell you.

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