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Around seventeen hundred pre K through second grade students filed off buses to go. See Santa in the ballroom of the casino queens, hotel district spokeswoman, Sydney, sticky Kaufman supplies. This year are filled with essentials such as blankets as well as mittens and hats. As well as some fun from items as well Raina. A first grader at officer elementary told Santa she's had a good year. I had a trophy. I missed one word more than forty five thousand students have passed through casino Queen since it's Toyland events at twenty five years ago. Alex, NewsRadio eleven twenty km awakes the steeple Bank business desk. The Federal Reserve raising its key interest rate. They quarter point hike lifts the Fed's benchmark rate to its highest point since two thousand eight the Fed's policy statement says some further graduate rate increases are likely, but it's updated forecasts projects just to rate hikes next year that's down from three the fed had predicted in September. And we may see an uptick in couples trying to finalize their divorces before the end of the year, the tax instituted h and R Block senior analyst Nathan Rigsby tells us more about the new tax plan as it pertains to alimony separated spouse, who's going to be receiving the alimony has an incentive to delay this process passed December thirty first so they don't have to include the alimony in income. And of course, the other side the person paying the alimony has. A huge incentive to finalize this divorce decree before the end of the year. The Dow from stifle at this hour is off now three hundred and forty six points at twenty three thousand three hundred twenty eight..

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