TOM, Joseph, Milo Yiannopoulos discussed on Double Toasted Podcast - The Sunday Service 8-13-17


They said that they have the right response which which they do it which gets me to ma questioning i'd have tom no pulled up for everybody but i'm going to read this to you because this is what we're going to talk about anyway but i had a quite a few people ask me about this because i have my opinions on free speech which this person right here message me now this is a person named joseph in joseph's it means is always respected how you defend free speech even with the things you strongly disagree with for example you talked about and caught hate yourself for defending milo yiannopoulos 4 been chased away from the campus he was on an also bill maher and has been some mud case of are probably have done it through this the these the points his person is mentioned how do you feel about free speech in this case deep fill the amount of violence which resulted in death was justified now i don't wanna make light of a situation like this before ancia question because there was a lot of violence that did happen the moment that they set down they were already company and with a lot of antagonistic speech that are in at one point they were yellen something with the bag it it it ray enough that vega you gotta go fabulous something it was already coming in word the intention maybe was to go in and marched peacefully but they had a lot of people who came in at the kkk in some straight up nazis they came in and just said hey you know one we harden who we are and of course when you come in with that kind of speech things kind of get a little heated and then they blow up.

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