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Bucks is so good. But I mean way. It's not that way. Drink things that are higher price that they're bad. They're wonderful. But this is just so this is an everyday bourbon. This is a come home everyday bourbon. This is your weekend. You know, you're gonna have to glasses to glasses looking may such a lightweight on Friday and two on Saturday. You could do this. And with the whole table. There's nobody who can enjoy this and grab a couple bottles. You're still 50 bucks. My goodness. We have Reviewed several bottles that have been in the 80 $9100 range and even over $100.25 a bottle. This is a bargain. What I think is interesting here with the 17 90 small batch. Is that some people feel that hit in the back to the throat and feel like oh, that's a little harsh. I think that's a question of whether you're a first time bourbon drinker or not, I feel it goes away to an extent. And if you recognize it, but it's not. It doesn't hurt you. You're It's almost a bit of a shock to the system. Oh, look at that right there. Look what just happened to me, But it's good. But the warmth that comes completely throughout is is kind of sensational. I adore this absolutely adore it doesn't make a deal with Denis Leary called the Old Man Whiskey face. I've ordered you to take a drink in your face. Just clenches up almost like you're in some kind of pain. No, it's a nice little Warmth that you feel in the in the chest and a little bit on the tongue. If this is delightful, lower, lower throat. Down to the and then the bottom of the chest. It really does a skip the top chest. It really is interesting how the two things playoff Bourbon is one of those drinks that just brings people together in a unique way. Bourbon sets a mood Bourbon sets a tone. You're not drinking bourbon £2. You're not drinking bourbon, you know, to spend a night out with the boys or with or with the girls or bourbon set you in a good place and and that it's recognized. Has this all American drink and protected in that way, makes it special. And the people who make bourbon. Whether they be in Kentucky member doesn't have to be from Kentucky to be bourbon. People who make bourbon I think are doing just fantastic artistry. For me. It's always about the art, the flavors and everything else is about what they thought about when they were trying to put this together in that master altogether. This is a national bourbon heritage, but I can't drink so much bourbon this month. It's gonna be amazing. The small back from 17 92. It.

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