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Do they. Did it right yes. They said it in the letter in the letter. We'll have part two of steam coming up at twenty three minutes after the hour subject. I don't think we're really cousins. We'll get back into it right after this. You're listening to your show. I come on steve. Let's recap today's interesting strawberry letter subject. I don't think we're really cousins. This guy was in high school. He liked a girl and they she liked to talk on. The phone hung out together. I'll time her mom and my mom were close to so was always at my house. Never once in this letter does this say her mom and his mom was related. By the time they graduated high school. We were close. I wanna be more than friends. She's always been really close to a mom and tell us everything so she told her mom she and i were dating her. Mom told her. I was caused food. What's your mama related to visit for. Took to the boys mumble. So now what echo folk me. we related. I felt strange because i had kissed a few times. We never question it. Always stop dating and remain closed. Everything together through a bunch of bad relationships always ended up back together and then he said i realize i love because she's perfect woman for me so this do go ask mom if they really related. The mother said y'all related somewhere down the line but ain't no way to find out 'cause all the old relatives are dead. What okay what are we talking about this. I told my mom. And i wanna be with her. Mom told me follow my heart so then he ran told the girl who is he thinks his cousins high really felt. He was relieved when she told me she'd been in love with me forever. Well there since then. They made love a few times. And i asked her to marry me. She wants to do a search of our family tree. I don't wanna come up and getting bash. You know half these people you think is gonna show up at the win well as you know. I'm s bursting. Decide anything you hunt. Frederick frederick was great. Great great great uncle. Frederick frederick douglass boy you gotta afro just like she wants to do a search and to say. I don't think cousins and this is only postponing our happiness she. We searched for answers. Okay let me play some tee saw when you get through searching. It ain't going to change one thing you feel about this when you get through searching. It ain't going to raise the fact in low with each other and y'all been together it ain't going race nothing no matter what the search site and if you find out you somewhere way down the line how far down the line is it to how many people got the dice. Shave ever distance is dead down the down. The line is the but show mother and her mother ain't even related. So what are y'all talking about. See i think her mother didn't want them to date because immediately when she told him that they stop dating. If there's no relation between the two freeze well there could be happening because maybe just friends and the two kids and other family. Yeah yeah. that's a possibility you know. That's why i don't think they're cousins. I don't think it will hurt anything to do. The search what. See the problem with that. Is we talking about two mothers though. See once you have mothers involved in a no. You ain't in this. This woman is the mother of the board tall. Your heart is mother of the girl right. So how are these two kids related. How missing some it could be through. Could it be through mair. Two women were married to the same brothers and some more reids. That could happen. But i i just don't think they're related the kiss. You take test one time. What is the name. Ancestry dot ancestry one. I just did a test. I just did it. People do mind plum mean. That's what i'm saying. You don't have to have living relatives you know so. His mom said everybody's did to prove whether or not their stuff on my mother's side but it goes back to my father and his stops down the lining. Here you can see a fan. i gone. He loved widow to do. She loves him she wants. She's the one that wants to now have to consider which is mar martin children and everything are you out steve. You done awfully why it right us hard to raise. Anyway that you have a situation where a nun wrong with him. All right listen dive. You can leave your comments on today's letter on instagram. Steve harvey fm and check out the strawberry letter. Podcast on demand coming up in ten minutes. We'll have some headlines some trending topics and we'll do that right after this. You're listening party morning. Show our guys. We've all heard. By now. That on saturday the us senate voted to acquit donald trump in his second impeachment trial This came one month and a week. After the deadly insurrection at the us capitol on january six now donald trump. And attorney rudy. Giuliani are being accused of conspiring in the far with the far right group. Proud boys and oath keepers to incite the insurrection. Civil lawsuit now filed on yesterday the missile rudy and trump basti of friends even though trump has paid them right. You'll pay me. We re the free at all We're no longer friends Anyway i was saying. A civil lawsuit was filed on tuesday in federal court by Democratic representative bennie thompson. Okay thomson points to trump's words and tweet in the days before the insurrection accusing trump of mobilizing supporters to attack congress in an attempt to prevent congress from certifying the twenty twenty election results trump will be subject to discovery and depositions which may potentially expose details and evidence that weren't released during his senate impeachment trial. So they're still trying to make someone pay for you know all the damage and the deaths and everything that happened on january six in the capital which is a good thing you know. A lot of people said they may have more luck. Let's say.

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