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Faintly selling all my is just the best, but like whole Cogan was the one. And then I saw Cruz white. Right. You just think I'm never gonna do the hoax. My hero and then you watch crews ally, anything God writing soon as my. And then I saw spike Dudley and I was like, this is a normal dude in DongA grease, look, look for the fine. I. I'd like, you know, like mine calling got thrown off the hell in the cell. That was when I was like, oh my God. I could do these crazy bums because I'm crazy, absolutely do this. And then. You, you have something to compare yourself to. Right. You see a spike, I'm I'm, I'm. I'm the same size that guy he's on on TV. Right. So you under you understand it is if you put the work in, it's something that you can is attainable. He, it was a time of eight might make believe it was a title and then seining Tikal these crazy bumps and stuff. I was just like, wow, I could do this because he's just getting vastly. And I'll get lastly all the time because I'm an idiot too big causing shop. Like I could this. And then I found the Chinese school locally to me and my first training lesson by sets who's you five at restless billing. LEGO. You want to be building went. Yeah. And then I threw me into a locker, like just room like. Nobody of any value that was was trying to make that like like no nine that you know what or anything like that it was an old well, the sport, local state, Logan, even head coach Sasso. He took our first seminar so thing, and then he's always onto him with ones. Coach, I got thrown into a lock head. I my first Chinese session. She's and you. You grew up in Europe in Birmingham, right? Yes. That's right. Offerings enters? Yes, you, there's a lot from Birmingham, you know, peaked on taller by transcendent. Yeah. All west Maitland. Boys' rule Berman's tough town and always has been a bit rough too. It's not the not the funnest walk around like that. You know. Not fun, so thrown thrown in the locker. Now was it because you said spike Dudley, was your guy or is it just they wanted to throw in locker. I think you just don't know. I mean they weren't. They weren't like actions whether teacher male lesson or anything that was anything get back off or I think it was just the, I didn't know what they were doing. And I were probably in the science for we were not like that was my all. I remember from my first he's getting thrown at thrown into that lockout and then getting back up and just it was it was just a a license like, okay, if I'm gonna do I'm gonna be taking some knocks, everybody, everybody's, everybody's like every everybody could applying like off about labor. It's everybody. It's just everyone had Newsweek differently prequel that lighters. It's just you gotta. You gotta get used to physicality Iranian. So. And to the point of the guys that through you in the locker. I've always said it's the people that never made it that are always the angriest and the actual like the the people who truly attain something they that bitterness has gone because they got there and they did it. And so so always said there's a lot of wrestling trainers out there that are very bitter and that's a dangerous combination..

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