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Now i'm kind of leaning it's like now there's cool cars that are coming out and it's just like you have no choice you have a porsche jeet porsche turbo nothing i can afford it or gt are and so many cars i love the jaguar f type right you can't get them with a manual and those of you guys that follow me on social media you know that i've been crushing on the porsche nine eleven targa specifically the gts targa and i'll tell you why that one specifically is one i love the new target body style and i love the way the roof works and the big glass in the rear has so much beautiful like visibility and has such a great look the way curves so one is the styling to the gts comes with centre lock wheels when you get that option and i love that luck and three the gts cars again i like the target but the gts cars are kind of like the top of the range normal not getting into like a gt to gt three and that kind of you know like that kind of specialty list gotta be on a list kind of car but of the nine elevens and the turbos and the and the the you know the twos and the fours and the gts is that you can't get a turbo with manual transmission but you can get a nine eleven with a manual and you can get gts with emmanuel you get gts target with manual so the wishlist for me would be like nine eleven gts targa manual transmission that's why keep if you look on on your social media you can't tell it all that you're in love with it really.

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