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Much to the chagrin of bill davis. We don't have You know oil wells. We don't have natural gas not in any large amounts and that our leverage from that standpoint or economic levers are are very limited. I wonder if you were angry at mr. He's obvious swipe at the management of the economy. It's really saying. I've given you mr davis cheap energy and you've blown that opportunity anyway. Why should i continued. There's always been a feeling west That ontario has had traditionally more than its share. I always make the point that well we have done well economically and ontario. We're going to continue to grow economically ad socially but we have never been reluctant to share that with the rest of canada. Why is there traditionally so much animosity between you and premier law. He'd why this this apparent resentment that he has an. I don't know the reciprocal anger that you have against him to. The two of us disagree sometimes vigorously on the sort of issue a is not Unusual but please don't put it on a personal basis. Diplomacy could only. He'll say oh. I just I think that political leaders Leaders of governments cad and do disagree. That's part of the responsibility but people always try to sort of say. There's something personal in this. The two fellas don't like one another. I have to tell you that Mister law heat and i have Shared many other pleasant experiences former ontario premier. Bill davis speaking with former as it happens host barbara from back in one thousand. Nine hundred. seventy nine bob. Rae is canada's ambassador to the un and served as ontario premier from nineteen ninety. Two one thousand nine hundred five. He counted bill. Davis says a political opponent and a good friend. We reached ambassador rate in toronto ambassador. Ray first of all. I have to say You know offer my consult condolences. We're very sorry for the loss of your friend. Bill davis oh well thank you loss of shirt by a great many people but especially as Is remarkable wife and family. So it's a what's appreciated exchange. We just heard I think safe to say quintessential. Bill davis but what strikes you about. What you heard between premo davis barbara from master of circumlocution very four-ball rarely called bob..

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