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Weeknights at six on KFI. AM six forty. More stimulating talk. Is he Junkin show Brian to filling in for John and Ken? And a little later on. Thousand nine hundred nineteen in terrorism and Syria and most of the president indicating by the way that possibly slowing down. The sixty day withdrawal from Syria, and in fact, doing a complete one eighty thing. In fact, he never said that we were going to get out of Syria. Lickety-split just liberty. Stupid New Year's Eve and guns. This one not from run, it seems I don't see those billboards as much as you used to those billboards that were in English and Spanish and the terrified kids were cowering and looking up in the sky and bullets were coming downward. The sort of giving people the impression that a bullet comes back to earth at the same velocity that it goes up in which it does not. But anyway, that's the science physics actually, well, Kansas man, planning to fire a gun into the air midnight on New Year's Eve accidentally shot himself right in Johnson. A man who was planning to shoot his gun into the air. I'm everyone stand back my plan, and this just as crazy enough to work with to fire this firearm this pistol into the air the Kansas City. Police department of Kansas responded to a shooting around midnight in the nine hundred block of blah, blah, blah. Who cares? A man wanted to celebrate New Year's Eve by firing his new twenty two caliber handgun into the air people could maybe here at a block away. Instead the man accidentally shot himself in the stomach as he sat the gun down. So there you go. The man is expected to recover, and they're they're gonna go here. Locally in California. No reports of anything here in LA. You know, what I mean that would empirically I shouldn't say that the anecdotally, it would seem that what used to be a pretty consistent headline on July fifth and January second that someone somewhere has a kid or a dog or kitty or someone who was injured by a falling bullet, which is at that point. It's unless. If it fired into the air, and it hits you it's falling. It's not the velocity of the bullet. All right. So listen close if you want to hear about the rampage in Santa Barbara, then the listen really close like we have to go back. The the rampage happened on Friday four dead total three murdered one killed by Santa Barbara swat, which they call special enforcement team. But we have to go back and learn about David Gerald McNabb. David Gerald, McNabb was a county of Santa Barbara sheriff's department employees. He was a custody deputy for the agency from July of a one to March of two thousand twelve when he voluntarily resigned shortly after that he was arrested and charged by Oxnard police and convicted of felony domestic violence may two thousand fourteen. So he's resigned from Santa Barbara police department, but he's effectively with a DVD. Conviction. He's unemployable in law enforcement. So we do not know what David McNabb did between after he got out. I don't know how long sentence was fast forward to Friday or actually we shouldn't. I shouldn't say it like that. Fast forward. To the day before Friday. The former deputy has a younger brother named Brian McNabb. Brian McNabb lives in a separate residence. David McNabb the older brother former deputy, he lives at the same place with a sixty three year old man relationship, unknown is mother and his sister. They all lived in the same place. So the younger brother Brian McNabb before the deadly stabbings on Friday, the younger brother had assaulted, another family member at his own home in Santa Maria, the house where the rampage happened is an Arca if you know Santa Barbara county or up there so in Santa Maria, the younger brother had assaulted, a unidentified family member at his home. So that happened Friday. David McNab, the former deputy and convicted DVD guy he beat and stabbed a sixty three year old man relationship, unknown as they say. His mother and his sister to death. So allegedly he killed three people before being shot by the deputies deputies responded to the home that McNabb shared with all the victims Oak Hill road or cut the nine one one caller also lived at the home and a discovered one of the victims covered in blood before fleeing the scene and calling for help. Authorities said that he was still there armed with a rifle when the Santa Barbara sheriff's office swat special enforcement team was brought into take him into custody. They tried less than lethal rounds didn't work. He was shot after he continued quote continued to pose an immediate threat both quote as he got into a confrontation with deputies. According to the sheriff's office. He was later pronounced dead after being transported to a nearby hospital. Curricula last arrest in case you're wondering if he was convicted of domestic violence and got out of jail in may of two thousand fourteen he may have gotten under jail just a couple of months a year ago, regardless he had no legal right to possess a firearm, nor to live in a house with a firearm. So if it was not his it was still illegal for him to be in that house. And if it was not his it was illegal for him to grab it. And that that after the about, you know, pretty major violations of the law in murdering three people that being said firearms shouldn't have been involved. So now the Friday night massacre is resolved there's three dead to relatives of David McNabb and a sixty three year old man, again relationship, not now, we don't know if this was a stepfather whatever, but he killed his own mother his own sister, and the sixty three old men, and he stayed there at the residence possibly lying in wait. We don't know. But Santa Barbara deputies killed him. He died at the hospital. Remember the? The younger brother Brian McNabb who assaulted a family member at his own home in Santa Maria the day before Friday. Well, he it was released yesterday. He's been booked into Santa Barbara county jail on fifty thousand dollars bail two days after the killings for suspicion of battery causing serious bodily injury. And so because we don't we because we were sitting here with a dry erase board. We can't connect except the victims that we can connect to the older brother, the the man his and then the sh the shooter's mother and sister killed by the older, brother. Dave McNabb that we know. But the younger brother Brian McNabb assaulted a family member. We don't know who he assaulted. We don't know if he assaulted one of the victims or if he assaulted is older, brother, David. We don't know. But Brian McNabb is the apparently one of two lone survivors in the McNabb family, and he has been booked in Santa Barbara county jail on fifty thousand bail fifty thousand dollars Bill two days after the killings for assault on another family member. So we don't know if that family members deceased or what? So I that's as simple as I can put it that's as clear as I can make it, but a rampage on Friday night that happening up north of Santa Barbara. I haven't seen a heck of a lot about the news in the news. But there you have it when we come back a little little more on PG any and whether or not murder is the case that they gave them for the campfire up there in paradise California them some background on this. If if you're if you're hearing reporting about that story as if the state of California's attorney general is somehow. Groundbreaking? Attorney general who wants to bring the powerful to heal and put the heads of PG in jail for murder. That's not at all what it is. So we'll we'll get into this right after right after is significant, but the significant thing actually happened in two thousand ten so I'll tell you what this is about an why it's part of the reason the power bills are going to Jack up in two thousand nineteen is John and Ken show Brian suit, filling in KFI AM, six forty more stimulating talk. Rosie Rivera with the news..

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