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Sixteen TPC San Antonio. Welcome back to the ATM stutter. It's the San Antonio Spurs and the Memphis grizzlies, and this is the final home game for a while. The Spurs have a four game road trip. Coming up later this week starting later this week against the Pacers on Friday night. I let's take a look at the starting lineups. Memphis comes in with a record of eleven and five are four and five of the road cooked by JD Bickerstaff in his second year. His record sixty three to eighty seven Mike Conley at the point six one one hundred twelfth year, Ohio State nineteen and a half points six assists, three rebounds, daughters, Garrett temple former star six six one nine thousand five hundred ninth year from LSU out in twelve points three and a half horse one assessed a small forward is also a former spur Kyle Anderson six nine to thirty fifth year of UCLA five and a half point six four forty three assess the power forward has Jaren Jackson junior rookie Michigan state six eleven to forty two. Thirteen point at Ford, and the Senator Baucus all these are seven one hundred fifty five thousand cetera and his love appear to Spain younger brother of spur how seventeen points nine and a half boards four system blocks from Arkansas once again for Memphis calmly chapel. Anderson Jackson Vishal the Spurs they're eight and eight hundred Gregg Popovich now in his twenty third year. Pops record one thousand two hundred five wins and five hundred forty nine losses. At the point four six three one ninety third year. Michigan state thirteen points to an app assistant rebounds. The shooting guard is Marta rose in six seven to two thousand ten years from USC twenty five point six four six. Assists steel small forward. Rudy gay six eight to thirty thirteenth year. Connecticut, fourteen and a half point, seven boards and two assists. Dante Cunningham, six eight to thirty eleventh year Villanova in five points and four boards. Coming up nineteen point performance against New Orleans and starting at center, lamarcus Aldridge six eleven to sixty thirteenth year from Texas seventeen points, eleven boards to assist on a block. But now in the throes of a shooting. Sloppy was just two for eleven field against New Orleans again for the Spurs Rosen. Georg Aldridge, Forbes and Cunningham marquee match up inside piled assault or Marcus. All we should say against lamarcus Aldridge LA played well in a home win over Golden State Sunday. But again struggled on the floor against Orleans off to a very good start this year, seventeen points and nine and a half boards. He's the game brought to you by Saint Philip's college one cut down on pain points. The pelicans score. Opponents season high seventy eight points to paint on Monday. I be more physical Becky Hammon Salzburg's radio Monday night. She thought the pelicans with more festival aggressive FEMA Monday and better-balanced Rosen's been carrying quite a load Spurs have other capable scores like Aldridge gay belly. And mills I just about ready to go the Spurs and the grizzlies the grizzlies and the road light blue with dark, blue and gold. Trim Spurs their familiar home white with a whack and silver trim. The officials red barn e Brian forte and Jason Gobel. Twenty eight thousand nine hundred I presented by HEB hip is controlled by the grizzlies, and we are underway from the AT and T center. Glad you're with us tonight on the Spurs radio network carrots apples got the ball for the grizzlies. We'll take a left side around a screen by Jaren Jackson junior. Jaren Jackson has got it outside finds calmly cutting to the free throw. I back to Jackson all alone for a slam dunk. Give Conley and assist. The first two points. The ball games belong to Jaren Jackson junior. I possession for the Spurs. Grinned Forbes guarded out by my colleague offscreen by Aldrich, cutting her right side. Now, the top Aldridge swings left to Rosen says a screen for him off that screen to roses from the elbow down the lane line against temple leans those shots straightaway. Three now for bring Forbes is offering Moga and Mark this all has the rebound for the grizzlies to nothing. Memphis this their second offense of possession oxide left. Garrett sample guarded by two rows and behind the back path left wing for three Mark the Saul and out. No, good rebound. Bring Forbes Forbes into the front middle floor angles left the Conway mid post Aldridge against Casale. He'll try to back down. That is not an easy task spins. Fires baseline jumper off the ram. No, good rebound tipped up and good by Rudy gay. We are tied at two ten fifty remaining in the opening quarter. Sideline left Garrett temple after Jackson. He's wins right to Anderson. High host Casale against Aldridge are marquee matchup. Fly wing calmly picked up switch by gay hollow by gays tech to the top. And now he's still keeps the dribble off of this all screen past assault. Top lane dribbles out of the key. And now off to the left side. It's temple step back corner three per gallon temple at the shot clock. Buzzers off the red and the rebound has chase down by Bryn Forbes who quickly brings it back Forbes trailer gate to the top. Now. Aldrich swings right to the Rosen screen by Aldridge on the right lane line, plus thirteen footer good for tomorrow to Rosen on the Spurs lead four to ten to the opening for Mike. Conley takes left side against Forbes tapas. Disol- swings left the temple sample weaves around the right side around the screen by Saul outside. Right. The Jackson played by Cunningham's Jackson's gonna drive on Cunningham put up a shot. No. But a foul on Dante Cunningham. I personal Fallon Cunningham of the first team foul and Jaren Jackson junior goes to the free throw line. He was the fourth pick. In the draft back in June. Had a very good career. Michigan state. Here's the son of former spur. Jaren Jackson was part of the ninety nine championship team. In fact, his dad is in the stands beside him. Watching this game. His first free throws off the back of the rim. No good. Jaren Jackson shooting. Seventy five percent of the free throw line, averaging thirteen points, four and a half boards and two blocks from the field forty percent. He struggled a bit from beyond the architect. Twenty four percent seventy five percents and ally. His second free throw is good and it's four threes. Firs two minutes to the ball game. All three Memphis points belong to the Wookey for Michigan state. Jaren jackson. Oxide. Right. It's for enforce looking for Aldridge. He has a top of the key against Jackson. Lamarcus just holds there. Now faces up on Jackson with nine to shoot uses one dribble Webster Forbes Forbes inside now to for saw or to Aldridge rather backing down on the paint turnaround jumper. No give it a foul and a couple of free throws coming up for lamarcus Aldridge. Jaren Jackson junior got him. I personal foul Jackson. And that's the first team foul against Memphis and lamarcus Aldridge will go to the free throw line. His. Eighty one percent of the free throw line for Aldridge. We mentioned his struggles against the pelicans when he was just two for eleven from the field. He continues to rebound that a nice high rate, though, he had ten boards. Not fall free. Throw is good for Aldridge. He was ten for sixteen against the Golden State Warriors on Sunday here at home in a win for the Spurs over the warriors both Rico's good for L A's got his first a six three lead for the Spurs nine thirty five to go here the opening quarter Garrett temple Allen is nine hundred years from LSU to the front court against Arosa. Everybody else down below the free throw live now be passed will come high posted assault. Let's it back to temple at the baseline kicked up. A switch by Aldrich. Eight to shoot. Calmly high post assault left corner. Temple. Dribbles gonna drive on Aldridge. Stop on the paint reverse jumpers. Good little reverse pivot. A turnaround. Jumper is good for temple. I six. Six five Spurs ninety five is only opening quarter. The Rosen down the left lane lie behind the back pass to the top of the key to the elbow was full of jumpers. Short and Kyle Anderson with the rebound for the grizzlies. Anderson fun Corp picks up his dribble high post disol- against Aldridge skipped past knocked away by Gabe and picked up by Colin left lane with twelve to shoot calmly around a scramble fire left wing three and that shots. Good for Mike. Conley as the Marta rose and got tied up on a screen by Jaren Jackson. I believe for Conway and Memphis regains lead. Eight six eight thirty five opening period. The Marta rose now front against Garrett step awaiting for a screen from Aldridge works around that screen ended up paint pulls up back to Aldridge in the pick and pop out of the right corner. Wide open three Dante Cunningham good picking up where you left off in Orleans when he went five for five beyond the arc. Dante cutting edge on the board the Spurs regained lead night eight. Eight fifteen to go first quarter calmly with a dribble left sideline works his way free. I three and that shot as good as he worked around us. Bike assault that's on back threes by calmly. He's got six eleven nine Memphis. Here's the Rosen post up on temple turnaround jumper in the lane is short and the rebound picked off by Anderson gets it ahead to calmly uptempo against Rudy gay high in the Whiteside calmly keep the dribble gets a screen from Jackson's now as a whistle and a foul is called against the Spurs. They're gonna call it on Dante Cunningham. That's the second personal foul on Cunningham in the second team found that may get. Times off the bench. And it does Donald Protais will check in for the first time for the Spurs. He was under the NBA concussion protocol and missed the game Sunday night and Monday night in New Orleans. He's back in there. Now, six points to boards and an assist for third year from Latvia. Temple pulls up from fifteen feet that jumper from the free. Throw line is good for Garrett temple at its thirteen nine four points for temple. Four point lead for the grizzlies seven thirty eight to going opening quarter, Bryan Forbes sideline left against congress. Top of the key Aldridge back to Forbes about Angola three now. We'll take a left-wing three off the dribble off the Mark rebound Anderson. That's his third defense aboard. Here's Anderson quickly up the floor for the grizzlies at the top of this Jackson's late by at the top of the key wind gusts all he has a right of the key analogous Aldrich spat between the circles temple around assault. Spring pick and pop to back down Aldridge. Kosov fadeaway jumper from fifteen is off the front of the rim defense rebound for the Spurs who trailed thirteen nine. Flop. Ask comes inside to Aldridge, but there's a foul on Saul. As gay was trying to find lamarcus inside. That's the first personal foul marked the solemn the second team foul against the Memphis grizzlies. It's a ten three run right.

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