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Thing for so without question. There's fatigue. Go after playing last night. What do you talk about Anton, don't you? Talked about him early in the game. I like what I like What Darren Pang said talking to Steve about it probably could have used his stick on that. Other than that play, though. I think he's been great. There we go. Third period. And perhaps the final period of this season on what a Tremendous job. The league. The players everyone involved is done and getting this Done and playing these playoffs in the bubble situation fantastic in the lighting zone around the board, cleared out to center acted in the Dallas and Lendell back together. Gates behind his own net. Up the middle. Come, says saloon, Del Whiteside feed. Down the boards. Corey Perry, it stopped didn't cleared out by the lighting by hey skit in it his own and look Satelindo l pass ahead deflected out of play still the opening minutes. Of the third period. Corey Perry with the goal for Dallas in the first period, and then early in the second Andre plot, and that's it. Each team for one on the power play in the game. Cory Parent leads have been shots with four Find against its scoring a goal last night. That's that's revitalized and give a little energy and so not only as a given him energy, but the coaches said Wait a second, he's effective. So they're playing him. Maura's well and look at this. Andre Sekera is back on the ice for Dallas did not play the second, Curry stepped on the ice. And now he's gone. All that was a quick shift. He was on the ice and then went to the bench. Offside was whistled on the place still in the opening minutes here in the third period. So Whatever is affecting Sekera. I gave it a try. We'll see if he can come back at all. Of course they don't report with the injuries are you can only speculate what happens. He did, uh, block is shot. The question is We can't see from here is he stayed on the bench. And is he going to try it again after that short shift Lightning when the pace on student loans hard around the board reversed on set up the boards kept in.

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