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Jeffrey, Rosenberg is chief of fixed income at black rock financial management, the feds not normalizing because of inflation concerns there normalizing because of other concerns financial stability concerns. But when you do that in an environment where the markets are down when inflation is down. It gives a lot of argument for the pause. Clearly, they're arguing against that today. But not for two thousand nineteen the amount of offshore cash that American corporations are bringing home is down way down as we hear from Bloomberg's Vinny Del Giudice. It wasn't supposed to be this way. US corporations repatriated less than one hundred billion dollars in the third quarter down fifty percent from the second quarter and far short of Wall Street promises of trillions of dollars last year's tax overhaul provided incentives for companies to bring prophets home. The data are part of a quarterly report on the current account trade deficit, which widened then he del Giudice. Bloomberg radio Celanese will replace Express Scripts in the S and P five hundred index. Pier. One shares sinking as it evaluates strategical turnips shares down fourteen percent. Steep losses for stocks S and P five hundred index down thirty nine a drop of one and a half percent. Dow Industrial's down three hundred fifty one down one point five percent at the best level. The Dow had been up three hundred eighty one at the worst. It was down five hundred thirteen NASDAQ. Fell one hundred and forty seven points down two point two percent. I'm Charlie Pellett. That's a Bloomberg business flash. Bloomberg best with June Grasso. And at Baxter continues. Broadcasting.

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