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Electrify off road equipment. Just president joe biden announced plans to replace the government's fleet with electric vehicles wyoming lawmakers considering a proposal that would require a governor's order before any of the state's winter. Ill feedlots can be phased out. Jonathan radnor with the western watersheds project says the move ignores and warns it would make it much more difficult to address. The potential for permanent chronic wasting disease contamination across western wyoming. They're making it much harder to solve this problem by something. In the current status quo which was developed approximately one hundred years ago prior to any understanding of disease transmission issues or wildlife management ethics conservationist. Sworn that feedlots where large numbers of gathering. Close quarters are potential super spreading events for the disease livestock producers and outfitters have defended winter lots to keep elk away from cattle feed and maintain large herd numbers. I'm eric gladys and finally are tate. Off has been talking with an idaho congressman who may have taken the first step tangling the tricky dot of dams in the northwest and their effects on salmon representative mike simpson has laid out a thirty three billion dollar columbia basin fund while it includes breaching the four lower snake river dams. It also addresses replacing their benefits such as energy and irrigation for local agriculture. Brian brooks heads. The idaho wildlife federation. He says it's critical. Lifeline for the region's endangered salmon and steelhead finally. Finally someone giving attention to this issue because it is such a big problem and it's going to require a big solution. Simpson is giving it. The attention it serves simpson has been working on the plan for three years and has held three hundred meetings with stakeholders over that time. More than a dozen fish species have become endangered since the dams were constructed. This is by clifford. Four public news service. We are member listener. Supported radio stations across the nation and a line at public new service dot. Org here's a look at weather from the hotline news. Feed weather center today. Mostly cloudy and cold with a high temp nia. Nineteen tonight a slight chance of snow after midnight. Later turning into freezing rain low around sixteen. There is a chance of snow before eleven am wednesday. Later turning to snow sleet mix high near twenty one. That's the latest weather checkout more news and weather on our website at heartland newsfeed dot com. It's one six zero again. Six three two eight three six one six. Oh in the studio tonight me your host. The reverend canton kick ass and joining me. It's and nobody. We've been talking about this article from health line tom. That is highlighting non consensual internal exams of medical patients. Who have not consented to such. These are apparently according to this article routinely done to patients who are put under anesthesia even when the procedure is not necessary for these particular patients. A tell you what. I'd bet a lot of time taking people to hospitals taking my wife to hospitals when she was dying of cancer. And if if you're going to a hospital or someone you love is going to a hospital. I there should be at least two people there. I mean you and the patient else and the patient right. And i guarantee if someone goes to the hospital with me and i go out for a snickers bar and come back. And they're doing that. There's going to be a bloody asked. Dr on the floor wishing that he hadn't done what he just did. I guarantee yeah and there should be this. This practice is absurd to say the least. Yeah and the problem. Apparently is widespread two thirds of medical students in oklahoma intended. Even say that forget go on another context entered the building and yeah i see where it was. That was the sentence. The problem said they did just shouldn't have been fair to say The article continues. Two thirds of medical students. In oklahoma reported being asked asked to perform pelvic exams on patients who hadn't consented ninety percent of medical students surveyed in philadelphia performed the same exam on an s patients. Who thank you like your tongue now without knowing. How many had actually consented so. These students had no idea whether these patients consented it or not and their and their instructor like yeah go ahead. do it do the thing. Well if you're human. You're supposed to ask these things. Well this reminds me of verse in consented to this reminds me of the milgram experiments right. Yeah like they got a guy in a lab coat and they. Oh the love coach said. Oh she'll do it. he's an authority. I'll just go ahead and do it. Yeah the article continues recently. Several medical students around the country reported to the associated. Press that they too had conducted pelvic exams on unconscious patients and didn't know if any of them had actually given consent many in the medical community scoff at the idea that this is unethical or could be considered assault since this has been standard practice for years now so if you do it all the time it's okay you just because it's routine does not make it ethical and there's also a communist in your eye all the time you still like it right all. Its routine eight in the patients. I yeah standard operating procedure. There's also a common view in hospitals that if a patient already consented to surgery and since surgery in and of itself is invasive then an additional consent for a pelvic exam isn't needed right. I because you know five consented to you. Yeah no cleaning my ear out. Obviously that's all of my orifice except it's kind of not if you take your car to the mechanic and they go. You need a new alternator replaced and and you go. Okay go ahead. Replace the alternator Does that mean that they're also going to replace your muffler. Yeah yeah we broke your brakes taking them apart. You're gonna have to replace some of the well. Why did you take my breaks or bart. I never told you to do that. Consenting to a medically necessary surgery however it doesn't mean a patient consent to a stranger entering the room afterward and inserting their fingers into the vagina. It's true i i mean. I can't believe that not obvious. I'm sorry i still your thought you did. But your words there.

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