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Says, she's the only 11 time women's champion in the history of WWE. We just funny because everyone's been, like, how many title Reigns does she have? But they're going with eleven whatever, you know, so Thursday, she's claiming it's 11:00. They said it's 11:00. She said, 11:00 do you live? What we came up with? No, we have like not owning NXT. She did know. She counted it on the show. She did. She said one xt5 on raw and then 5:00 on Smackdown, I guess so. But he was title. They're not counting. They're not. Oh no, she counted the Divas title, not the NXT not need. Okay, thank you. Okay, so they don't count that but that's just one she counted the diva set to time champ. Know, next said, 1 Divas title know. Okay. Oh don't she was. She said, she didn't count analog. At all. Yeah, yeah, that's right. That's where it was. Yeah, she's a two-time so 11, so he doesn't count whatever. She says, she could betray Ripley any night of the week and then Rhea Ripley comes out and says, how about two nights. So, you know what that means? Charlotte reminds Ria that she destroyed her knee last night and says, for your own sake, all Decline. And then Pearson DeVille come out and they say the match is happening tonight. And then Charlotte kicks her heel off and kicks his knee before leaving the ring. I don't get back to this later and then we will get back to this later. Shows Charlotte's foot in a minute before. And I went next up. We have you mean your dick went? No choice. Oh, sorry. That was premature. We have Nia ja my whole and Shayna baszler versus Natalya hence Amina. I love it. You have to do that when a rematch with a rematch, gets 20 times. Remember being in a six month calendar would have to hit that button. Come on. Why are they even there? Why are we? What is this? Was it even for a title? It wasn't even for the title know. Yeah. So when you going to title match, know what is happening saying that does her stomp to in the house is armed which used to automatically end a match and put you take you to the local medical facility for weeks. Now, it just kind of hurt for a few seconds now, it's an ally and it's patch the tire was like, eventually throw a punch with that same arm. Yeah, what the fuc? Yeah, she put a Band-Aid on her boo boo boo boo, boo, boo. So to me that gets off the top rope, but Reginald hops on the apron to distract Ur Natalia pulls them down Shana, kicks Natalia and then to mean a superkick Shana for the wind after the match saying it sells Nya. We were off. Stoppable, it's not me. It's not you. It's him. And the Nile looks at Reginald and says she's right. And she headbutts Reginald. I'm sorry, I love you. Yeah, so he's done. I was like, oh great maybe we'll never see him again. Yeah, yeah. But then Akira tozawa Runs Out you thought too soon followed by the rest of the jobbers wage. Drew gulak R-Truth and Lindsay, Dorado all fall over each other. Yeah. Like complete fucking idiot. Yes, there's only three of them. They all fall over each other and they're dead for the rest of this segment. Yeah, they're on the ground cuz they trip. If you were a trip down the down, the the ram W show know it's hard core. Okay? Bank blood and that is a steel ramp rolling it back and forth. Ram right stage. Now, I mean, like, you know, the big screen looks cool in person but the, the stage now for these shows is like three inches off the ground, right? It's like, you know, I missed birth. I stages cuz then you would throw people off the stage and meant something that you can't do it right now. You can't see anybody coming now. Don't like when you're in the arena. If you're a floor seats for sure offer, you can't see them come out. Even from where I was sitting. I had like, the I have the bent like, you know, where I was sitting for the whole money in the bank. Part of the most expensive. It's like the best seat cuz your eye level with the ring. Yeah. And like I seen it come out of the tunnel, but then when he's running or when anyone's walking you can't see them. Yeah, so yeah, that's that's the bad part about it. So Akira tozawa gets the ring, last at the jobbers and then Red Zone. Now it's a few Cirque du, Soleil, moves, and becomes the new 24/7 Champion. That's what he did know. That is the earliest restriction off. Yeah. And I did this. Yeah. And anyone that was it. Yeah. So you know, at least they're shaking up the 24/7 title. Yeah not yet. Shake It Up Man. Reginald's. You just go ahead and read this. Oh yeah, that was great. I was a kid that was good. How dare you make Macho? Man, do Reginald's moves. Yeah, what are you thinking? So anyway, next up, we have Sheamus versus Alberto career. I'm doing American Dream because it has to be done. How many times have we seen this much money is Joe going to lose? How much money are they going to lose? If this is your first time, like I couldn't say from college, I'm not usually I want the next 20 matches that he has title, I would have loss. Why do this if you're never? First of all, this is a title that needs to be defended every week for real. Yeah you need real mid, Carter's defending this title, and Morrison should be going up for this title. Every and it needs to be changed. Little should be fighting for this title, right, guys? Like that mid, Carter guys, that need a title little bit of push, but no famous Shamus should not be the champion. Of course not, it's like twenty years. Seven, look us title. It's like right above it cuz no one wants. It, Seamus has been the champion. Since WrestleMania, Umberto Korea, Umberto Korea and it's always be hurry me a riddle he beat rid off. Yeah. Yes. By the way, this is a championship contenders match, that's what they're calling these now. Oh, that's right. Yeah. You fight the champ to try to become a contender Palm wine. Same as wins. Does he become a contender? He's the number one Contender and he's good for like the next three months Korea. Has the championship match last week, but even Pearson the bill admit that curio got fucked over by Seamus. Yeah. Right, he basically cheated. Yeah. And they're like, well, you're going to get a rematch? No no not for the title. So this match, you know, I'm just going to tell you what happens at the end. Who cares? Curio punches Sheamus has steel face masks, right? It's kind of Steel. Why would you have a mess? I mean, I get it. But like still like that. Can't feel good on your face, know, a steal either plastic. I'm sure it's got the blue puffy thing. Yeah, I'm sure it's plastic and real life, but but he punches Sheamus his mask. And then again, he gets broken. Didn't we did? He get head-butted with it to you. I don't care. I mean finisher, obviously with the meadow Buckethead bottom. Yeah. Right. That's ridiculous. It's like they're trying to do the deal of thing. You know, when that vest bullet proof, that is where in that steel, right? It's still Red Frog. Splash had no effect on him. Know. God. All right, so next up. Oh God, here we go, Bobby Lashley issues at open challenge. First, they cut a promo and some fans were already chanting for Goldberg. So, shame on you fans, you think they were chanting it or you think they were piping it? In know, it was very faint. Yeah. It was like a couple of guys going, like we know what's happening. So he says, no one will take the championship from the almighty last. He says he was going to accept the open challenge, the music hits, and it's the return of keighley..

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