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And there's you know, I'm then in the market for it's about six thousand dollars to get the new new tube. And then a nomads right around seven, isn't it? Think it's less than that. Okay. I knew I knew that it was roughly similar prices. I thought it was going to be higher than the other two been but the benefit is it can go to any room. So. I don't know. I wanna say this. We're going on a limb and say this, okay, I don't have data to back me up. So I usually don't feel. Yeah. I've never had a temp Genesis like. Maybe one, and I'll put it let me change that way. I've never had like a temp hygiene just like a one and done or to Donner whatever like from an agency, or whatever I'm never had one of those that I've liked now I have had some people that like we knew and worked for me before whatever like Betsy grocery. I'm not talking about that. But I'm dog, right. I call it had just get a person they show up. I've never had one been like. Oh my God. They're amazing. It's always been like, yeah. I can tell what your attempt by jenness. Because you're you're not any good. I think I've had a few. But they're absolutely outliers because. Yeah, usually, it's there's a reason you haven't found a home, right you. Yeah. And it's it's not it's not great. I mean, thankfully, it seems like the no advocate worked for this happened in the morning and work the rest of the day. But now, we're just my thought the whole day was would I go after the company, and I absolutely would get anywhere. But at least. Try to get them to pay for the repair sur. Sure. Is there any type of like diagnostic thing you can do to to make sure there's nothing wrong? I don't think. So I just think it doesn't work. Okay. Actually. Doesn't work. Like, that's I think it's just like a there's anything wrong at all. I think it just shuts down. Okay. Does it can't have like a, you know, they can just like firing stuff off right shoot gamma radiation. Now concerning the hall be great. That would be great. So I don't know I need to look at like my arrangement with them. I need to call them. And just ask them. Hey, hypothetically, this were to happen. Where would you guys do? Yeah. Because that's I mean, that's like a ruling that can happen that that is for sure. Yeah. I don't know. I asked my sister. Where was the nomad when it fell it was on a chair? I paid a lot of money for countertops. Lancy Araya Ryan got the Korean. Yeah. All whatever. Yeah. It is star. Whatever I don't know. It's it's kind of anti-bacterial bullshit. Okay. Star on or something like that paid a lot of money for this. Great sounds because that's where the nomad is supposed to go on the counter not on the chair. The other thing is like, you know, when the room is swung around for a lefty in your righty. It's like it. Nothing works. Nothing's right. It's. I had one she actually worked for me for about a year left handed. And I kept trying initially. I tried to come from that side. Just what the chair was already swivelled that way and tried to things backwards. And I think it lasted I think it lasted like three patients. Wow, upbringing. I. Yeah. I just now we got to the I got the ADA one up of little lever and swivels, and it's it's not that hard to do. But it's just annoying to after. This is going to sound like a little Jim crow in forgive me. You think left-handed hygienist should work for Lieutenant Dennis. Okay. The easier for sure yeah. Now, I'm not saying they have to drink out of their water, fountains, or whatever. But. Pure left..

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