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Craig alad talking fast traffic after France. I New Jersey what a one New Jersey chopped up, Ted thirty three. I'm Craig Allen has promised to jersey fast traffic. We've got some extra brake lights on one in nine as you make your way. Southbound you're a little bit busy moving between Newark airport and jersey street in Elizabeth eighteen northbound picking up some extra volume you're heavy there between HAMAs lane and to eighty seven for forty southbound sluggish as you approach the Parkway northbound side looking good you've got no delays heading to the outer bridge, leaving New Jersey between the turnpike and the span route nine cost you an extra minute or two northbound approaching five twenty four in freehold and leaving the Garden State across the Hudson river, you've got no complaints at the George Lincoln and Holland tunnels. This report is sponsored by the Ad Council. One in three adults has prediabetes. But with early diagnosis prediabetes can be reversed. Take the risk task at do. I have three diabetes dot org. That's do. I have prediabetes dot org. Traffic every fifteen minutes. Your next report ten forty eight. I'm brandy Scott on New Jersey you want to one point five jersey one zero one point five makes your smartphone. Even smarter. Absolutely three. So you can listen anytime anywhere. Get your jersey news fast. Traffic an instant weather on demand..

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