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Radio dot com and that espn out john i hear scope for my drive afterward right center bombers award it's up against the wall they're very arrived third way dick irvin machado of of argument is over in the when they won the nothing joe wager on 105 point seven the fan in baltimore onenothing victory a cabin yards for the orioles who continue to roll eleven into this season an extra any games jonathan sculpt second career walk off it first an extra innings well late thursday night astros dealing for tigers justin vern lander our and burn lander on friday going to social media last night i was given forty five minutes to make the harsh decision of my life as a tremendous of you've heard by now i i accept that a traits you the houston astros firstly i want to thank everyone here destroyed from the front office so all my teammates and especially the fans the way you guys are treated me over the last 12 years been so special today on two thousand six when the city was in turmoil i remember the way everybody rally got around our teeth wanted to world series at your what it meant to this city and was special special time in my life down by myself now i'm excited to go to houston on it's another city in turmoil right now as everybody knows i'm excited to give city something rally around something to cheer for and route four and hopefully we can prechampionships used and so i'm excited about this next chapter in my life astros sending three minor league players to detroit to complete the trade espn's buster only on houston stepping up to make a move prior to the deadline wow i love how the justin burland or deal came down just before midnight on thursday night just before the deadline by which teams had to add players in order for them to be eligible for the postseason it followed a couple of other notable trades but when you talk about justin girl lander karl you're talking about a potentially a future hall famer sayel award winner and buster how 'bout justin verlander and what he's going to bring to the stroh's the astor's really had a terrible month of august and you wonder how much that played into it but now they get verleger who okay thirty four years old he's got a lot left in the.

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