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Get angry looking avoid a ten lost season and the year winning six of their last day in college football picking back on Eastern Michigan thirty four thirty with the quick lane bowl who is in a tech like Miami fourteen said they take home the independence bowl reports every twenty minutes mark ability to be a fan twenty twenty sports from the tension was traffic center I'm Jeff Jensen with the supply house dot com fan highway patrol some sodas and queasy spend Grand Central right in the queue guards interchanges an accident blocking a lane that's right near the Jackie Robinson exit Manhattan seven FDR drive a twenty third left lane is still not that with a collision when Alabama hadn't bridge lower level accident that's going to take to the canal St the left lanes knocked out there and this police activity of the Holland tunnel closing of the the op and Allah closing one lane in the north two of this report sponsored by the accident sample scanner thermometer experts are predicting a brutal cold and flu season the number one flu symptoms fever so use a thermometer proven accurate by more than eighty clinical studies we can't always predict the flu season but we can always prepare for with the accident temporal scanner actually didn't dot com I'm Jeff Jensen with the supply dot com fan highway patrol that's rude with begins tomorrow night when they stop in Houston to take on James harden and the rockets our coverage gets underway at seven forty five with tip off at eight OO five exclusively on your flagship station for Brooklyn nets basketball fan sportsradio one oh one nine FM and sports radio sixty six WFAN WFAN FM New York another like June twenty six percent growth at home against the Knicks and they go on the road to take on Houston but that's what's in front of the net it's at the very least if there isn't a team in the league you can get your shot right against it might be you see you have a chance score some points.

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