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Our MILL WE PUT IN A. Vertical Hutchison. Vertical Auger and so we mail in. Directly up and then it drops into the case and we can do the million night before. And then. We do the flexible. So an AB E. To Vessel Tim Barrel System Really Nice Low profile semi automated so the Burkan be on a stand for the whole period. Coach automated the liquor and. I'm called Liquor Mixing and we even this is whatever berea loves. Oh Yeah. So so, so, what is that so in Germany? I came across it all the time, and even at the WHO. Sam Walton to have one of these. Don't use it anymore, but up on the. UPSTAIRS, it's basically recite classier, sake. Although. Word word out. has quote water so you actually cool down your work and do your gravity samples. King clean everything here and you never really after grew deck. Wow that's pretty cool I. Like it can. Oh Man, that is cool. ANYTHING HAPPENS TO GREG keep. My number. CIRRUS to stage. Glycol and water chiller! Or heat exchanger sorry Back that so the The Lincoln highway went through that guy. It's a single hop cascade, so we had seven seven pounds in there that we ran it through, so tell us tell us what does that do? It's hot FAC. Yes, so it's like a big colander and you basically under pressure and steal to purge can put any sort of flavor. You can use as A. Run your hot work from the well cattle through their back to exchange before it gets for matter, or you can actually uses randall, you can throw some food or something adjunct in there and run your cold beer from the cooler through it before hits, attack was a lot of different things. You can do with it. The guys at the microphone. Couple of these they that they they use them all the time for adding flavor solid different Pearson's. Really, nice little device. We have a twenty barrel hot liquor tank. Nothing special there, but we got the K. commander we do. Thank. You know doing a bit of a self distribution so. Sanitary really important, and then we have four ten barrel. fermenters. We have a twenty barrel ABC manner and a twenty barrel. Bright, very concise layout We also have this. That's a slot drain, not a trench, so slaughtering systems at continuous pitch from the edge of the. Seller and it runs. Along. In front of the grew house. Had runs. All the way out. And then runs. In front of our serving tanks behind bar, so we can base it in Walsall effort fee so. was. Down washed down. everything you want to do with tanks. Very a! Very efficient, and then, and then it runs into the hallway next door, right? Well I think runs into a blockage somewhere underneath the restaurant two doors down. On ice. and. That's no joke. then. We have our little task to had MCS. So. Again space constrained, but we have the ability to probably do a single day. Maybe cannot ten barrels in a really had to. So we can do it ourselves our first batch of Kansas coming in about a week or so we got. New Five hundred cancer four different. Labels This is our tapper manager. That's Mike. Guys, that's a hell of a you've got going there. My friend needs a little bit of a trip, but that's. Now an inch, Sean. Him is not as noticeable as an inch on the rest of us. We have a say because our our branding around art architecture design. We have a saying that we're trying to. Yes, says foam follows function. and. We'll take on needs. Vandross form calls function. But to us it's about the importance of foam what it says about the quality of this. Quality of death, outspoken made house entreated house before. Will thank you so much over that wonderful trip around the brewery. I'm GONNA I'm. Jay. He's I'm music now. How's it? How's it going out with that? Hellas Laga. Almost on already. I bet you one of those once a poured. You. Know Me I do like the dark beer. The DOT. Wait a minute. That must light that was crisp. No the one he had earlier was a darker beer. Oh, right the row via the wrong. Yeah so. You guys to wrap this up I think we should thanks very much for that brewery trip at least for the video portion. I want to ask you. You guys open now with all these Biz on that. We've been tasting. We've been drinking. So? We got four Aka Ita, the Hellas and the check elegant which you I don't think you had a chance to take with you. Ask How gravitas and it's A. It's a version of what you would taste for the best check. Rod Crops at on the Tenth I. Believe were lunching the up there. And then the week after we have pre prohibition lager. Geneva bell which is. Made from six Roman play corn. And then we have a What's our history major? So our flagship history gotTa have a nice big fruit for bomb up coming out. Next what actually club the sooner it's! With hopped up yesterday, so. It's it's got a lot of hop, so it's going to be a praia a little bit numb early version of a northeast, south. Asia. Leading maybe a little more towards some. Pre Tree House before they started getting, and definitely not as sal back tessie as you would see today. Well I would like to raise my glass to the newest brewery in the Fox river valley. WHO At this point? Even though you many go full is.

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