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Back to the Steve Cochran show talking about cats here and see Cochran show Lexi plant in studio to place bumble arena in the touring production of cats which is at the need landers theater running through August fourth I have to say it's it's fun because I have not seen cats have never seen the show but everybody knows the interaction part of the interactive part where they jump in and Davis just talk with him every not everybody knows who are they going to release I did but I saw it years ago I think when it first played in Chicago and I mean this was like pre Broadway in Chicago this was it was a touring company I think it was here for a long time but I had I had seats leather clothes right on the aisle at near the stage I was right on the aisle the prime so he had always sought by feel something on my leg there is a cat but I had no idea that was going to happen did you do you think I mean at this point is seventy three million people have seen the show but when you know are there still audience members that are surprised by yeah we get screamers all the time yeah we'll be running down the aisle and little people jump will scream and then everyone starts laughing in the whole audience great I just want to know what I did not scream but I was I was surprised we'll have like two minutes left but that for this when I say it's Andrew Lloyd Webber and it is the original production but they're a lot of ink read vamped parts of this new lighting to sound is it the same cats that that Dave saw years ago in Chicago it is and it's not we have a lot of new choreography from anti Lincoln dealer who's kind of revamped the show for a modern audience so it kind of is updated to the eighties ness of it a little bit but every iconic move that you remember is still there yeah this story is the same the music is the same just kind of refresh a little bit of my final question for you just isn't just as someone who grew up in the Chicago area and had such a a life of of reflecting a life that consuming cat to be in it took to be in in Chicago because the touring you've been in many different cities now what's it mean to you as a as a professional actress to to have the opportunity to cats right here in downtown Chicago it's awesome I'm pretty sure I have someone coming to like every single show which is just great and also exhausting but great yeah ace free magical I mean yeah my whole family is going several times so it's just nice to be close to home and be able to bring you back here well the show is that the need later theatre it's running through August fourth the collects the plateau grew up in the Chicago area he plays bumble arena in the show cats which is like I said nearly the theater at at random from state running through August fourth Lexi thanks for coming in studio thank you so much and good luck with the run and and of course the not just here but in the cities if you go to after this run cats of course downtown Chicago this summer ladies and gentleman citizens.

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