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Stretch and sleep right so you don't even notice you don't even notice i my international bestselling book sleep smarter yes i'm all about the sleep tooth so yeah that's that's good yes and i've learned that lesson myself there was a time where i was training no joke six hours a day while i was working co britt so my house or crazy in getting maybe or an off alice late five i was luckier of an after months of doing that completely burnt out like so like flabbergasted as the wire will not seeing the results of everything else putting in and then as idiot you're not allowing your body to rest and recover and replenish and repair congratulations you played yourself wasted three months of my life with dj callie pops in as myself so yes late but you know stretching too many a little older these days i'm finding great value on a good stretch so strength gotta move the buddy sleep stretch mark goodness oh good and it's so simple you know people will get this these are the big those three things are the big hormonal movers of our bodies you know especially with the strength training that elicited so much anabolic hormone activity like you get so much more bang for your buck the movement in of itself is really geared towards like balancing you out you know muscle imbalances homing your nervous system getting you more pair sympathetic when you need to especially if you're doing some walking and then of course the rest and recovery that's when we produce the most most human growth hormone is doing sleep young very missed part of the equation people overlook at all it's up it absolutely l folks.

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