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Appointments to be yes yes always been ripta was bubbly enthusiastic she would start talking about scripture and find it tough to stop posture stroud psalm missionary in her and welcomed her to join a program to spread the word of god within ohio's prisons retha decided it was her calling to help as many prisoners as she could most of them were just like she had been she reason they were down and out drug abusers and alcoholics whose addictions led to legal problems there but for the grace of god go i gary sargent was one of the prisoners she counselled sargent was being held at the campbell county jail on a drunk and disorderly charge and retha was supposed to visit him sunday pearl twelve but she didn't show up the debris caring person as mostar the do that you know so uh people out there appreciate it or uh for witness the prisoners read the council burr usually man in sometimes they got out of prison sometimes they showed up at our doorstep and retha couldn't find it in our hearts turn them away pastor strat warned her don't open your home these men could be dangerous day did anybody raised safety concerns did she i did yep matter of fact primary protocol for us as a church as it relates to incarcerates is that you do not invite anybody to your home you do not give them your address if you want to meet with them to help them bring them to the church or finding location have people so that you're not in a position that book compromise your integrity.

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