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But you have to admit constantinople especially after the age of basil the bogor slayer begins to decline and baghdad is awesome nine hundred thousand ad 1100 baghdad is clearly the world kozel pollin said is the greatest is a crossroads of the world it has replaced constantinople in a lot of ways as the terminus of the silk road silk road all those things from china and india are going to flow into it because baghdad his where where babylon was it's the natural place for east and western trade to meet and to all those tributaries of the silk road are flow into baghdad here's the problem though we are not going to conquer people to make the muslim we are going to convince them that they want to be muslim because we are going to have the greatest life on earth and by one thousand ad we will but the problem is is we're desert nomads we're dome were tough but we're dumb why would anyone want to become like us and so what the a bassett's do is absorb other people's culture other people's ideas were going to build a big city we're going to base it on constantinople we're going to absorb indian math roman engineering we're going to have baths we're going to have sewer systems we're going to have sex sidewalks and litsch streets just like roman city is dead we're going to use greek philosophy aristotle and plato survive a lot because.

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