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The story from now on in order to dampen the level of violence because you know now we're tens if not hundreds of people dying as a result of these kinds of sentiments monica duffy toft professor of international politics at tufts university. Thanks for being with us today. Thank you very much. Pakistan is reacting with outrage today. After india's decision to end the state of kashmir's special status within india yeah today is the blackest deal indian democracy. That's mehbooba mufti. She's a former chief. Minister of the state of kashmir india a special status for kashmir provided some protections and atonomy for india's only majority muslim territory in less seventy years. The territory disputed between india in pakistan has sparked warren conflict between the two countries the b._b._c.'s. i see for rookie explains the rights given to kashmir's under the indian constitution so that was kind of a buffer between india and the state of kashmir which has now been taken away now. India can directly rule in kashmir but the indian government has argued that the arrangements stunted kashmir's development and its integration within the rest of india just prior to the decree today. The indian indian government started a security crackdown. A telephone lines our own since last night internet is not working. There's no yeah no way of communicating with the people in kashmir. It's kind of a situation which is very alarming. The indian government says that's been done onto preempt. Any violence. Pakistan of course has a very different take on the contested territory. It has long insisted that kashmir is internationally disputed and that india alone cannot decide to change status. The pakistani government is also saying it will exercise all options to counter the move the u._n. Secretary general antonio guitarfish rush has called for restraint from all parties. You're listening to the world to disin- cousins me for the first time generations after the slave trade tore their family apart somebody who was born in africa you get your process naked. That's person means you share a common ancestor who was taken to american four hundred the using of their stories still ahead on the world. I'm marco werman. This is the world a co production of the b._b._c. world service w. g._b._h. Boston p._r._i. N._p._r. ex you learn something new.

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