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Ella mayo donor. Yeah. This Turner was like who cares? At chance William said, I had a high school teacher tell me that is a gay, man. I should be pro-life because of every unwanted pregnancy was terminated. I would never be able to have kids which I guess is a long game of saying because you've been our region. I guess yeah. Exactly. Who will you adopt who will you. But by the way, he's he doesn't also include science in any of that. Oh, also idiot. If you have enough money, you can literally pay a woman to be your surrogate, and you can have that's what I mean you own babies science. Just like that Thomas Dolby song at remember that from the eighties when there's ladders in it. But no, I don't listen to that. At don't don't deal. At don't don't do which I love said Toronto two thousand seven one day instead of gyms, some guests adults and members of our all straight gay straight alliance talk to us. So okay. This is a gay straight alliance, which is a club in a school made up of only straight people. My assumption is because gay people were afraid to join it or or nerve udub. I mean, they were to closeted into nerve, quote, unquote filled with allies. Yes. Okay. But still a little bit. It's and there's nothing wrong with joining that as an ally. But there is something wrong with then those allies telling you how to be gay which is what happened here. So they say there wasn't really sex Ed covered. But I remember being told that bullying was bad. The village people were not gay and that one of us was probably gay. The way I read that tweet. The village people think I kept thinking about what why would they even bring it up get rich? The seven I guarantee that was the longest part of that discussion. Everything else was like a minute. And then there was like an hour on whether or not the village people were gay and why or why not I had zero ever come out as gay? I don't know nor do I care at all. I want to say like my personal sex, Ed, which I've said before has was non existent for queer sex education, actually, very good teacher for. Man. Which included safe sex and everything and I think maybe we talked about aids for a second. But you didn't talk about orgasms digit. We did she talk about female orgasm. Yes. Yeah. I'm telling you, my sex Ed in terms of heterosexual, straight education was or male penetrating female was wasted on incredible. Yeah. It was wasted on me. But it was incredible. She talked all about the female orgasm was that in the mail organs for her where people doing that behind closed doors. Like, no, no, I don't know. We didn't have to sign a waiver or anything. I don't know. At Nick Nemec says background my school had a drive your tractor to school day. A sex Ed teacher once may throw a basketball through a hula-hoop and then told our class that's aids getting through a conduct. First of all hates can't get through a condom unless it's a basket, Pat. It doesn't look like a basketball going through a hula while you're essentially saying is Joe. You won't find anything bigger and looser than a woman's vagina. Also, you'll find it. Baller than a peanuts. And it'll be ran Europeans. Detaches? Yeah. But also is just roller Pena's into a woman. It's hula-hoop supposed to be the condom or the vagina near the hula hoops supposed to be either the vagina or I guess, it ain't it. So I don't think this teacher thought of that. So the and the basketball is the sperm will, you know, why I don't know. Maybe you're right. Maybe the hula hoop is the condom and the basketballs the sperm. She should have been more specific women's or men's because women's basketball's are slightly smaller, which I can't use because I have massive hands. I need I need. Why why do we need different gender basketball's?.

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