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Second a goal inside the one yard line got it up baggage draper what is that the bath tight formation perks in motion which under center here's that off dope bloody healed a drop back at the fibre secure guy tenny paolo poise reading it four the chargers third goal coming up and they loss of yardage slotted at the five boy at the big play by pow poor you're right when they needed it he was going to get the extra offered to widen by thai and he just peter bedside you'd expect a better block bear the better effort for the growth if you're gonna put six offer to live in in the game on day so that'll spread it out thirty goal for the five all what is the back offset to the left went to the guy tudor the right one of the left hurts comes in motion third goal fourth quarter eagles leading by two with back to pass pressure blackout wet getaway fake brought back up fourteen your despot king mix the sad but what will the pedal tv i picked up the good for charges again and you could siri him to prepare for the faith number ninety three after her whole goal automatic il and asked reacted various filon waving his arms as he comes off he is distraught that is a brutal penalty again yet again the chargers did a stop and it comes back for peddling forcing a field goal here keeps it within range of a touchdown putting you at price from an afp reporter available 72 two ethnic feedback so now it's back so first at goal and it's at the two yard line what is the back hurt here's the up man now what.

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