Obama Intelligence Community, Clinton, Frank discussed on Skullduggery



Literally hundreds of of witnesses mostly all by the staff because we operated differently obviously than the house process tens of thousands of pages of documents we had the that famous komi interview where he laid out the content of the memos and where i think we've put some points on the board is one we've got the whole intelligence community both the obama intelligence community and the trump intelligence community to reconfirm that the russians intervened in the election to help trump to hurt clinton we pointed out and showed that the russians at least monitored or intervened in twenty one of our states electoral systems now in a normal administration after that you would have had a white house convened a working group about election security they've done none of that even though the and others have said this is a problem and they'll be back but we have got now bipartisan legislation to deal with that we got three hundred eighty million dollars to help states upgrade their electoral system we've got paper ballots in many state it's now rebel trailer coming on right we've got a report coming back to the reports we thought we were mostly done but as in so many areas there's more information to come i think maybe the most one of the most valuable things we've done is we have exposed how social media which initially after the election i i started this i said i think social media been used by by the russians and soccer burg and others famously blew us off and said there's no there there there's a lot more they're there and frank they'll be a policy implications for months if not years to come about how we rethink the usage of social media and we will have a a report there we're gonna series of reports on election security on the validity of the intelligence community assessment right or wrong and the obama administration social media and then the ultimate question collusion and on that one which everyone.

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