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First Fox News covers the world. I'm Chris Foster would still be a record number of pre pandemic, but fewer Americans air on unemployment, including 860,000 new claims last week, 10,000 higher than we were expecting, but down 24,000 from the week before, so that is positive that continuing claims down 12.6 million here. The expectation was down 13 million, so that's roughly the lowest that we've seen since April, which is a positive sign Fox business Networks Jackie DeAngelis. What was Hurricane Sally has left behind a lot of flooding, with more to come, and hundreds of people have been rescued in Florida and Alabama. At least one person's death in Orange Beach, Alabama, is blamed on Sally. There's also a woman missing Alabama power got a lot of the lights back on, but still at 125,000 customers without power. Sally is now a tropical depression and raining down over central Georgia. Fox's Evan Brown Americans listening to Fox News. Alabama power company, sending out another update on the power outages Mobile now down to 129,000, central Alabama, just 27,000 and 2600 Southeast Stadium. A director Brian Hastings, says the damage is greater than in past major hurricane. Things I've heard right now is that from the power companies They're already thinking that they're going to be more poles and lines having to be replaced, then in Katrina and Ivan Hurricane Stanley blamed for a death and Orange Beach. One male was killed on the Bay side of the city, one woman still missing and Alabama and Auburn both opening the 2020 season. Next Saturday. Alabama opens at Missouri Auburn hosting Kentucky in this week's coaches pulled the Crimson Tide moved from number three to number two and the Tigers move from 11 to 9. I'm Leah Brandon. And this is Alabama's morning news Now back to your host. Here's J T. Really? Thank you very much. I appreciate you joining us now. Bill Black from our sister station down along the coast of Mobile at chaos. J. Ah, Little update, Bill. Good morning. Well commanded. You heard Leah talking about it there? Yeah. What a mess. Sally has left in her path here. And what over 500,000 people along the coastal area there without power. So how is it there in mobile in the surrounding area? Well, I'm I'm one of those ones that do not have power. So I do have a brand new generator. However, I'm at my home right now. So you may hear the hum of generators behind me because I do have a lot of neighbors. Crank up the generators and we just went and told it could be 72 hours longer before we receive any power again. So we're you know, we're living a primitive life all over again, I guess. Wow. So the flooding is just seems to be the number one topic right now. Lots and lots of water because of this slow moving path of Sally. What's taking place as faras cleaning up and pumping water and keeping people out of the area where you are Well, there's a couple of things going on number one. If you can't residents on any of our island that was the Orange Beach, Gulf Shores or Dolphin Island. If you don't have a proof of residency, you're not allowed back on the islands. They are. Ah, just just flat out saying No, You can't come in our biggest issue. You know what it comes to public water doesn't do a lot of good. Knows we know it's gravity. All water flows from the North. So is the rains continue? And move forward to the north and northeast. They're just going to flow back down. This way. We expect massive flooding, really for the next week. We don't really see a change there. That's going to be an issue. Cleanup is a Powers of huge issue and so I tell you what? I haven't seen gas lines since probably Katrina like this. I mean the gas lines. I had to go get gas this morning, and it probably took me an hour to get to Ah, gas cans till it's just it's terrible. Wow. You know, we talked with Fred Hunter from heresy, Fox six, whether earlier this morning he's down there along the coast, and he described it. You know the water now the ocean the gulf looks like a lake right now. Amazing What a difference A day makes us Faras. The storm surges go, So that's all done. But, yeah, he mentioned just like you did. Nobody can come into these islands unless they can prove residency. They are allowing folks. From further north up here. Birmingham Montgomery Council Anybody that's got property in that direction in that area to head that direction if they want to, But so, you know, go ahead. I was going to say that. You know, you may ask why? Well, parts off, you know, Talk about not getting on the islands. The cities of gold shorts aren't beach just put out a statement late last night early this morning. That no vacationers will be allowed back on the island for the next 10 days. So it's going to be shut down the residents only for at least that long, and I really like the stance that law enforcement is making in Baldwin County Mobile County and in a Scampi County, Florida's well, they came on last night, and they said, Look We don't want you in these areas. They put out curfews. We had a curfew at my home. I live it's Spanish for right across mobile Bay. We had a seven PM till 6 a.m. curfew this morning and they said if we see you out about we're going to stop you and we're gonna ask you and we want answers as to why you're out because if you have no good answer. You're gonna get locked up. They're really, really looking for looters. And that's something that could certainly happened during this point in time because there are several thousands of people who do leave the area. When there's a storm and sow their their houses were left unattended. And if we don't have the curfews, there's really no telling what could happen. So I hid my hat to law enforcement. They have done a magnificent job. Trying to keep those many people as possible safe. Got to get your thoughts bill on leaving When Storm said, you know, there's always the warnings. There's always you know, the officials coming out before it had saying, Look, this is going to be bad. Now's the time to get out. Don't wait. Don't stay now. I know. First responders spoke to have to stay. If you're in the media to get the news out, that's you know, one job. You can't really leave you. No hospital workers. Law enforcement fire were those first responders got to stay, but Do you find that most people heed those warnings or do you agree with people saying screw it. I'm going to go ahead and battle through this and stay here. Well, here's the deal. If I weren't in the media, I would've had my family out..

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