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The mothers one i like do for for he saw not know professional career. Yes of course. You're not getting ahead. Although you could get hit in different ways in life in different ways but marco antonio barrera great great mexican fight a great world acing he. He went through the same journey. Where if my memory serves me correct. He was going to be a lawyer. Matter of fact he might've even went to law school rare. If you ever meet him. And i don't know i don't know a lot of boxers. Actually i leave now. I leave him in vegas. I have a few few months. Lee hyun vegas i need. I don't need to train with him as well i don't. I don't know like a little mexican boxers in person. You know you're gonna wind up known them now. The jurors champion. Because you have that in common yes now you will you have that in common with the mexican heritage and history and pride and if you do as go about that say hey marco you were going to be a lawyer. I i was thinking i will. I brought his talk about jeb. You know it's interesting. You brought that up. Because i've seen some of the mma fighters with their striking that have been proved themselves in that area. And you know you know of them. That i noticed himself he retired and some people might think he's the greatest of all time but khabib khabib just like you who so good on the mat with the brazilian jujitsu playing with all that so good so good but he understood he had to get better at the striking and he did get better and i noticed his last couple of fights one of the things that made them better was he started using his jab. More khabib and so. It's interesting for me to hear that you will looking to approve to striking. And you were concentrating on the jab and that that also beep for me had done the same thing i mean for example obviously have even Sat right now i. I really believe she's late in the sport so he he is. He's in undefeated on his start to improve his a striking because maybe he she knew that camby came a hold Yeah you're saying hole in the floor. I hold some opponents. Could use against him for me. My specific situation I needed to lose a few fights to start to note about to start to watch that like a strike. You can be an area. I can improve you know so i just went up in exposure julie to be the most complete for you can't because you know it's not just. The striking is due to is droplets. It's everything nine you lose reprove indefinitely to you. Play chess longtime ago. No right now to be honest because again. And i'll finish with this for me. That was that was a chess match very fast very fast chess but you you were checking him and then all of a sudden before you knew it was check check. Check checkmate daddy. You mean i saw. I saw the last fight. He like. I dunno band twenty times before before the rematch. I made the game plan with my with my with my team. This i every. I saw everything you know. I tried to make a lot of face to make the reaction like you say the job make who the distance woodbridge on the combination of be aggressive. Put pressure by the same time keeping keeping the dallas. But i didn't well. It was brilliant. You didn't do it well. You did it brilliantly. Perfectly thank you and the last thing i know you and your wife have three daughters one of the megan Have surgery at one point in our life. I have to. She was born. How is she and house. All of your family. I really was my my older daughter. madison had. I'm sorry i thought it was up. No probably at madison. And she's fine by now. Chiesa amazing in that moment as something that happening. He's much you know i i. We went to do some test for for hair but in some point at up to say. Don't you know i we need. We need to to make to do that. Usury on but now right now. She's cheese amazing cheese cheese very it. She's very happy. Because i mean she's happy she's happy by the say don't she's she's a little scared because she need to go to the school kids united states and she went to the school in mexico so she doesn't speak english so she's a little. She's a little bit nervous about that. You know because it's another language another school and other guys another friends another teacher but just excited to have vary body. Could talk to her about being nervous. Her father ken. she's she's got the best father in the world to talk to about that and teach her how to control it and teacher that it's normal to be nervous and everything's gonna be okay. Thinks i know. I try and anybody any anybody knows how to be. A good father. Used starting this but a lot of a law of my three daughters. That said you know Brandon one thing before we let you go. You mentioned earlier that in the build up to the fight that you mentioned your mindset that you were ready to die in there. And i've heard other great champion israel out of sonya say the same exact thing that when it comes time to get in there especially in these title fights that you're ready to lay it all on the line. Can you talk just a little bit about that mindset and like how that preparation what kind of preparation mentally that you put in to get ready for this to get into that head. Space a neutral. I was ready. I was learning today was necessary to get the first of all. I have a lot of with my mind. Because this this board you know they. Combat sports journal are so cardinal. I love stress a lot of pressure. You know a lot of media talking about you. Talking about edgy. Next five what happened you lose. I thinking about that your opponent in other interviews talking about. He wants to kill you and he wants to knock you out the few second round. That is very stressful. I have a an a mental edges from from betas his name. His name is a little mill. She's amazing she showed me too much with my mind and working on died in when i in the middle of the five before to a started the round walk into the outcome and actually i was thinking about all my dreams. You don't always read Thinking about my family thinking about my daughters my wife my parents there are people who support me in all these journey all the work under the these literally. I was very well. We're glad you didn't. And congratulations on the win. Were very happy for you and look forward to having you on again as you defend the title. I'm sure many times from now. We want to be sensitive to your time. I know in vegas. I'm sure everybody wants to talk to you. Terry you got anything else before we say goodbye..

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