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Also the budget for that fight you know is much larger budget than it is for a fight like saturday night so in order to put together that kind of budget you need more promoting behind it to generate that kind of money and it's not enough time. This fight was done within like a five week. Notice night enough time. Five is night enough time to promote to fully promote a big fight. Like a pro and myself would be so we couldn't couldn't get that deal done But that is the the fight that was most interesting to me and there was actually talked There was brought to my attention since like mayor. june As a possible. You know next opponent. But because of the pack as attrition our still kind of waiting on that You know no regrets. We moved on now from the pack out. Now we're pushing to get something else. produce was not available because of the business behind it. So we landed on on martin. Is it your understanding that if things go well for you on saturday. That fight against redes- can be revisited in the first quarter of next year. I i believe so. That's actually what you know me and my team have talked about. You know getting this done if everything goes well. And i'm not her not injured Then push right away to to try to secure a fight with regis program you know. Get back into those conversations And try to get that fight next. You are someone that consistently chases big fights like. You don't want soft touches. You don't want tuneup. Fights was just important for you to get back into the ring. Get something going before the end of the year. And before eventually moving onto a fight against regis. Yeah look i. I honestly i like this. That's not title fight. That's not really somebody that's going gonna help me. You know Positioned myself for anything much bigger or anything. Like that doesn't motivate me. It doesn't do it for me doesn't excite me And it's just it's just a fight for me to get back in the ring..

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