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Mean yeah i would here's our problem with that with that logic though john is lots of managers are tough on their players and and particularly in in a football contracts aren't the same as baseball contracts but there are a lot of guys i net steeler urged a patriots team that make a lot more than bill chela check megs but he still has complete control because guys respect him and they fear him and again baseball and football are different but look at just look for instance at the nba and look at the way the guy's respect steve kerr and gregg popovich and brad steve red stevens i mean right lobby and i wouldn't argue that except for the point that all of those that you fight have that gravitas and have made their own photos speak i mean who compare will be built bella check in you know what i mean in that category if you have that francona yeah he's probably the aisle slam he didn't wanna move in boston duty why i mean i again i think he did i mean maybe this is in outsiders perspective but i think early on terry francona certainly had that that influence and i correct role one laughing guy yucky for the time i know to make some people want to be but i go back to the drawing less buffet i think they mishandled that i think larry lucchino spin lock we applaud for the red sox but you crew got up in my opinion and that beget who yeah price ego thanks guy yeah thanks john thanks are waiting but gave him like five minutes beyond up on us is i done i got nothing left there is a la i like john in garner is his rig i know i used either regular i don't like to go to lie i'm getting better by go and dumping acknowledged earlier right on the but everyone solid somebody go a little longer you know they listen you know what i waited thirty am his time now because you read the story in washington post road gonna die soon yeah i i got to it though very math heavy by the way i think we've got a lot more time than we thought we did okay unless of course this is not this is this is the taking into accounts and sort.

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