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Being a bust member the greyling you'd grids ever hear the great lined by what he hayes back in the day how much he hated michigan they were up by about fifty points with admitted to go on the game and he went for two and the and the reporter asked him after the game woody you are up huge you go for two four and he said because they would rightly go he said because they wouldn't that be go for three yeah pretty funny shows you how much they hated each this move on to what you wanna go boxy here oh absolutely on wilder anthony joshua you're the box in the expert will we see this fight next year yeah i don't think it's going to be this year unfortunately if neither want them get upset in iowa at the embassy's anthony joshua has a fight against a wet parker this month that the new zealand guy the new zealander who holds a piece for the belt that to be an easy win for him and the idea a little bit of a scare last weekend at the barclay centre in in brooklyn rigour rocked an almost knocked out in the seventh round by louise orgies so uh yeah i am unfortunately general boxing being what it is santi if this were a ufc with dana whiten charge these guys would fight they'd fight immediately unfortunately it with al heyman being with wilder with eddie hearn being with the joshua on they're gonna fight over money and they're gonna fight over this and that is hard to get you know different promoters in different tv networks to get together and make a fight this look how long it took for pack yellen floyd mayweather who proano took several years the make that fifa it took too long because pack yeah was finished by the time yossi outage they sort of fought seven years before would have both in their primes but you know at yonsei wilder as much as i like him is being unrealistic he's asking for a 5050 split uh at that he joshua gets one hundred thousand people but eur eighty two hundred for his fights playing in soccer stadium at wembley in all around england.

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