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And that's usually not from the team side the team side usually airs on the side of caution with the prospects rather than pump up their value if anything that push it down a little bit to to not encourage kids to come early it's usually more from families than agents but but nothing that there's something has to be done on that front but yeah it would be if we could have all the draft eligible obviously our game we would we'd have a higher level of talent every year but that's that's probably a ways down the road on that note jim do you see any anyways and maybe this is part of that process of kind of partitioning the nfl to say hey we've got one hundred and fifty juniors declaring why don't we try to to give them the best chance to improve their stock from that january fifteenth deadline where something like the senior bowl would maybe help some of these guys or at least get them a couple more opportunities i i mean i know the rule is out there if you don't want contact with you know guys who are underclassmen eligible but it seems like that's kind of an outdated rule with so many guys every year making that declaration yeah you know you think about what the nba does where the player doesn't sign with an agent they can always go back the problem i feel like the problem with the nfl thing is that just what the timeframe between bowl games and then the agents get involved i it's really a sticky issue i mean i think everyone's cognizant of it i think the colleges are i think the nfl is you know there wasn't movement a couple years ago and it's you know it's kind of baffled me a little bit that more colleges haven't taken advantage of it but there was initiative really really spearheaded by coach sabin i think dabble at clemson some other coaches were involved where they were when you went to the pro days as a scout started two years ago each each school could give you think it was either up to five or six rising juniors that you could you know weigh and measure in run if you would want to you know there was supposed to be medical information provided there was supposed to be.

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