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Republic credits a number of republic credits they roger ebert would would revisit that movie in think differently about it now marvels the andrews i mean uh and then finally five questions with on hodgman yes number one first movie you remember seeing in the movie theater uh you know what i am going to go with just as i was thinking about it i feel like maybe born free uh but the but one of the earliest movies i saw the movie theater was at the coolidge in before the balcony had been turned into a second movie theater i was under 10 for sure and my babysitter missy uh took me to see uh uh any hall uh yet and there was a scene where he sneezes all the cocaine away a highly what was that stuff out whether and went home in blessed some rails with your babies that i think she is just one of those things which is like i got to do something with this guy in a little guy what am i gonna do this funny but maybe will fall asleep to this uh well this is perfect second question first are rated movie 'cause you teased did earlier with the story if i remember correctly uh the ira to movie i saw was 1984 starring john hurt yeah uh and intense movie hatred burton yeah uh well i was so i was thirteen eyes prime uh affectation mode now huh uh i had red 1984 in you know we're we're all think you know that was that was prime reading of 1984 time right and the movie had come out and i was not one to break the rules to go see in are rated movie on the underhand this was famous world literature so via have you seen that movie i don't think so it's worth seeing yeah it's really welldirected incredibly well act in fact i knew i haven't horribly disturbing i mean really began.

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