Mayfair Mall, FBI, Dennis Mcbride discussed on Wisconsin's Afternoon News with John Mercure


Fired multiple shots fired at Mayfair Mall sources telling WTMJ news radio that at least seven people have been shot at the mall. A huge police presence as you could imagine. At the mall, multiple jurisdictions on scene, the FBI, the 80 F ambulances have been seen leaving with people loaded in them. With lights and sirens activated and police presence continues to move into the mall, the mayor of what would Tosa Dennis McBride, saying that they were about 75 vehicles there, the mayor saying that multiple people were shot, but that none of the injuries were believed to be life threatening. And the mayor, also saying that the perpetrator remains at large. We're trying to get ahold of the mayor. He's always been a good friend of the show. But as you can imagine, he's got a lot going on. That's good news that none of the life and none of the injuries appear to be according to the mayor, life threatening but not so good that the perpetrator apparently is still at large inside a very large urban mall. The medical examiner's office was not called to Mayfair Mall, which is also good news. We've been asked a few different times about the number of SWAT teams that are still seeing in that area and what they could be doing at this time among You know items that we may not even know about some of their duties, maybe just to clear them all just to get people out of the mall because many of them are in there, either sheltering in place are being told to hide in closets. That's Typical standard protocol. When you have a shooting like this, Yes, and you know there's a lot of that going on. It's a stark reminder of the dangerous world we live in. Especially if you're a law enforcement official when you see all the different jurisdictions descending on the mall. They seem to be focused on the West. Entrances to Macy's. I should say the entrances that face west. They look towards Mayfair Road north End of the Mall that Northwest corner there. That is where the large police presence is right there kind of buy the pot bellies restaurant. There's an exterior entrance that also enters right into the mall. Between Mayfair and Pot bellies, and that's where we've seen the majority of people going in.

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