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Mix the state's GOP vice chair is hammering the Democratic Party for using what she calls a smear campaign during the supreme court confirmation hearings of Brad Kavanagh, Nick says the Democrats prefer rule over the rule of law. President Trump is also bashing Senate Democrats for quote torturing Brad Kavanagh and his family during the supreme court confirmation process was absolutely never seen anything like it. Just cavanaugh. We'll have a ceremonial swearing at at the White House tonight. And we'll begin hearing cases. Tomorrow. Mike Bauer reports one involves a federal law that imposes lengthy prison sentences on firearms offenders who have three prior violent felony convictions. Another asks the court to consider which illegal immigrants can be detained during deportation hearings and third involves navy sailors seeking damages for exposure to us best us Mike Bauer. Reporting cannabis use is now reported to have previously unknown effects on a teenager is brain at Lisa's, e according to a study recently published in the American journal of psychiatry the effects are both long and short term. Researchers say the steady use of cannabis through a person's teen years affects problem solving long term memory and short term memory manipulation most concerning for researchers though is the finding that there's also the possibility of a serious effect on a young person's brain that keeps them from controlling impulses. This means they say that these people are at greater risk of succumbing to substance abuse later in life, Alisa Zee reporting, stay connected, follow us on social media. Go to one zero six one FM. Dot com to connect. I'm.

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