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Mm homosexual relationships and homosexual marriages entirely according to god's plan i see it left and right of many people who happily affirm fornication with no marriage vows and so i don't have a high opinion of and i can trace that back to the dissolution of this particular doctrine and i can affirm that we have problems but i don't have that much of a high opinion to say that somehow marriage that allows for divorce in case of adultery or or or wifebattering etc that somehow that's going to stand the test of the homosexual activists on our doorstep today so i'll give you the last word on this to wrap up i'll give you the last word dr north you're an amazing dancer i love to see a guy with footwork like yours what d a tell the wife gaas grace's sufficient victim loss perpetrators rights and i think we ought to end it on that deal you've written entire book on the subject victims rights please share with my audience a little bit about your your books your website some of the things that you have available that may be helpful with special emphasis on personal finance well just go to the site there's a large section of the site that's free you can download hundreds not hundreds one hundred fifty book something like that a lot of books free you can download and print them out there sections on personal finance and so forth not investment advice that's part of the subscription section of the site but if you if you want to pursue these topics you can go to the site you can look up the particular topic under christian economics or there's gary north free books which is well named they're all free books you can go in and look at the various titles that are available and and you can download all of them free of charge if you if you wanna do that so that's what the sites there to do and it's been up i guess now about twelve years so a lot of people have downloaded a lot of books over the years and you might as well do it if any of these topics are really of interesting i will link in the show notes directly to your recent books on on christian economics the to the students manual the teachers addition dock north i'll say publicly here i do want to thank you.

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