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Then only later in sort of like the clear light of non hormones and like time to think about things going. Oh, wait, wait. Like, there's actually a lot of issues there. Like, I didn't mind so much of the movie did it by did my this sort of suggestion that yeah, this is just the next romantic moment in a series of romantic moments, like even in Ciro Cyrano de Berge Iraq. Like the person knows which face they're kissing the girl, whatever I don't remember her name either. I mean, admittedly, it's been forever. So I don't remember any of the names for Cyrano diversion wreck. I'm sure it's something like Valerie or Vivica, ROY. Monica or these other jobs that I can think of that are this person because even Sierra Burgess is very similar to Cyrano diversion, Jack. All right. I've got. I got one more note. I'm not gonna Liz out with you. Look. Okay. I actually this was more friendly banter. So it was a little bit more interesting. But then it was responded to fly Bruin thick of a lesbian, just like. I just I just don't know this move. The movie the movie doesn't know the movie doesn't know I mean, and actually the line from cheerleader girl is I I'm not gonna let out with you. I only do that at parties that was it. I only do it at parties. Yeah. I mean, that's true to life right there like that's real. And I appreciate it being in there. And I just like I feel even if you're a was a little bit uncomfortable with like people sort of insinuating on her sexuality that she doesn't have it. She doesn't handle it in a way that makes sense to me. And and I feel like it's in the same thing in that sort of like the man thing it's like when people are mean to her about her size. When when people, you know, insinuate other things about her being a nerd, or a loser that makes sense in its earned within the story in this other stuff is just like, but also what's good insult to say to grow. You don't like, oh, you're listening. Okay. So let's wrap this up weekend. We we're gonna ask the questions that we always ask which is a wasn't enjoyable. Visit transphobic let's start with with start in that order. You can make a noise you can use a one to ten scale. However you need to to convey whether this movie was enjoyable. It wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen. I definitely hated movies more it had it had moments in, and I think some of it was that all of the actors were real good. And there was all the main characters had sort of genuine bits that I enjoyed when the movie kind of struck on something that hit home a little bit more for me. So. I wouldn't watch it again. But yeah, I've definitely struggled more. Like, it was no like wolverine film or something. Or with the last one was good. I heard I didn't see it. But you have watched Logan. Oh, no. I did see Logan. Wait. I did see Logan anti was good. I how many will free movies are that don't answer that. That's not important. If we include Logan there three. Yeah. The first I've seen the first one in the last one, but the third one wasn't good. Okay. Great. They're three. I that's why some in my head. I think in my head. I think therefore, I don't know. Why the okay anyway, it was no x men origins. Wolverine thus the first one, right? Ms dig myself as you please take this. I give it three Hugh Jackman as wolverines out of ten. No. But I I give it a do give it a solid three..

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