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Cookies or something that's what I guess my brothers give enough time curious as well cookies that's a good sacrifice so we have some problems on the roads north bound turnpike will get to Jackie in just a few minutes here on our land does evening news I'm Katrina scale and I'm Kevin Rafe use no criminal charges for the eighty three year old driver who police say killed a young girl last December twelve year old Sophia Nelson was using a crosswalk on A. one A. in satellite beach when she was hit the woman claims she didn't know the flashing yellow lights meant stop the problem with this type of technology it does so these case shows they just don't work for Johnny Rep brandy find is introduced a bill that would stop the use of the signals in Florida we're asking the federal government to let us replace those with red light because people understand that red means stop Sophia's law could make it to the house floor soon the drivers issued a ticket for failure to stop at a crosswalk and is required to appear in court former vice president Joe Biden press South Carolina voters to get on board with him for Saturday's key primary in South Carolina urging me to pre two point oh is there we didn't know what he stands for ride coming to this port town up the coast from Charleston South Carolina is this subject through to winning the democratic nomination Joe Biden gently chided Bernie Sanders on healthcare guns and more god bless Bernie the big news for Biden today was winning the endorsement of a key black lawmaker in Congress and all the news you may have missed a head of south Carolina's primary on Saturday just tap that Jamie to pre button in the news ninety six point five W. DPO Attock continuing election twenty twenty coverage Orlando congresswoman Stephanie Murphy today explains what Michael Bloomberg was trying to say about using his money to influence elections mercy is the national co chair of the Bloomberg campaign last night Bloomberg talked about investing a hundred million dollars on democratic candidates in the twenty eighteen mid terms I thought I got them C. N. N.'s anchor asked Murphy about that slip of the tongue they're asking how Bloomberg can convince people isn't trying to buy this election what he was saying was that he has been.