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Yeah pictured andy brahma vo be i just met him up maybe i'll write a whole feature about him when i get home speaking of features can i take down to pets movie corner for a moment i'd love it if you took me there i picture i saw i had a meeting over at happy madison and i was like a better watch their new offering the the week of starring adam sandler chris rock right rachel drag something about he's a cowboy who used to be a spy and he's getting married or something he's just a man i mean this is the movie somehow and smile road at roberts michael right it was a genius right and he i was like okay let me see what this is going to be i'm i'm kind of excited to see it the plot is just chris rock makes a lot of money adam sandler is poor their kids are getting married right sandler wants to do it his way and long island it's his daughter and chris rock's let me pay for a nicer wedding the movie is two full hours of this real mile dilemma and you keep waiting for these moments it was written by smuggle and sandler who are guys who now they can't blame studio notes network notes at cetera i mean i'm sure netflix chimes in with a few things but i think one of the main parts of this deal with sandler and netflix was we'll give you some money you make whatever the fuck you want.

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