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On the Mitch Albom show. Has to be be bedtime. Bedtime. Yes. Time is number seven. Kidding trying to delay bedtime or not going to sleep at all. Absolutely. Yeah. The the one that seems glaringly obvious to me. No, one has said yet, eight seven seven forty four Mitch what do you think is the top argument that parents get into with their kids when the kids are between two and twelve now that that's a big emphasis to in twelve you'll you'll you'll you'll know it. When you think about it once I say, though. Yeah. Eight seven seven forty four. Mitch. Let's see Kevin. You've got you've got one son. Right. Yes. Okay. So what was what was yours? Well, we'll be bedtime was big or watching leave it to beaver. I wanted to and he didn't. Yeah. I didn't think a bed. Yeah. What time should go to bed is in nineteen children trying to delay bed or not going to sleep is number seven, Mike, you're on the Mitch Albom program. Go ahead. How you guys doing? Hey food. What are they gonna eat? There you go. That's number one food kids. Not well, not eating everything not eating in front. That's number one curve. You would have been what I? Yeah. Curfew. Well, not to twelve streetlight. We used to have been house from the street lights came on. So that was a curfew. And they don't come on one was. Hi, you're on the Mitch Albom program. Go ahead. Yeah. Who gets the front seat of the car where they sit in the car work now. Well. Yeah. I think that's more of a kids arguing with one another. And then you get into the argument with the kids because they're fighting with one another. So that's number five siblings fighting with one another, and that can the draws the parents in to the argument because, you know, stop fighting with your brother SAFA because let's face it. What are you hear from two to twelve year olds all the time? He hit me took my toy he won't let share and then. And then you start getting into an argument that we give them the toy. And now, you're in an argument about what about the, of course, the grades grades got to be tough and is not tough five bitch. I got one for you ready. Yeah. How about argue about connect TV in the house. The internet is bad yelling at the folks anything like that. No technology. No. They don't argue with grades a homework net. Yeah. You know what? Anna this allows you. Yeah. You don't ever bring me a British poll? God do not live in the same. British bowl. I know is going to the dentist got to be one of the top fabric. Why would that be an argument? They don't go number one was children not eating everything on their plate. Number two. Was bet making the bedrooms untidy bedroom. Even untidy number three kids saying they're hungry, but not wanting to eat anything healthy. So it's like, well, it's a food oriented name only want French fry more eating kids complaining that their full after barely touching their food more eating terrible. This Bobby of British Georgia's five siblings fighting with each other six children eating sweet search for a meal. Children trying to delay bedtime eight homework. Oh, that's home. Oh, okay. Sorry. Number eight break. Sorry about that can miss that nine children here. Go Rosie nine children wanting to go on gadgets more often than they're allowed. I guess that falls. They wanna play with their game. Yeah. That's number nine and ten children not brushing their teeth. That's a problem. Here's your dental do for long enough.

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