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The object zips off and disappears over the Ridge. After all the weird stuff they've seen around the ranch terry has no idea what to make of this. It's definitely not the most alarming thing that's happened. It could just be a military aircraft although there are no military bases nearby and the only small airports in the area would not have anything this high tech. then. Weeks. Later, Gwen actually sees the same thing, a triangular aircraft shining multicolored lights on the snow and these sightings keep happening regularly. Meanwhile the Sherman's also begin seeing these glowing orange orbs in the sky they almost always appear at night. Sometimes they're flat and long other times they look perfectly round and it's hard to tell but they seem like they're hovering about maybe a mile away. But here's the crazy part when Terry looks through the scope on his night vision rifle, he swears that he can see right through the orb to blue sky on the other side as if the orb is some kind of portal to a place where it's still daylight. There's no easy explanation for any of this stuff, the aircraft, the orbs, the noises, or that weird wolf creature. It's all theory frightening. The Sherman's are cautious about letting their kids go out at night but up to this point, whatever's been happening hasn't been harmful to them or to their cattle. But then one day still during their first winter at the ranch, there's a terrible snowstorm. Terry goes out to count his cattle usually when it snows, they're all they're huddled together. But this time there's one cow missing. It's not unusual for cattle to wonder off but Terry's worried it's injured and could freeze to death so he trudges out to find it. Eventually he comes across the cows tracks their fresh, and the spacing almost makes it look like the cow was running from something, which is unusual because there's no kind of Predator that Terri knows of that would attack during a snowstorm and there are no other tracks around besides the cows. Eventually, the tracks lead Terry to the middle of a clearing. And then the tracks just stop. Terry is baffled and the cow never turns up. Next spring four more cows have disappeared without a trace. Terry has never lost this many cattle in such a short period and he can't figure out where they're going. There's not a single clue until one day that April his son is walking past a muddy ditch and sees a cow stuck at the bottom struggling to climb up to the side. Apparently. He's got something urgent to do I. So he decides that he's going to make a mental note comeback can help the CAP. But when he comes back about twenty minutes later the cow is lying motionless in the mud he jumps in to check it out and right away he sees the cows entire rear end has been carved out. Something had made a flawless clean cut and then torn out her insights. When Terry comes to look he is astonished the part that disturbs him. The most is that there's absolutely no blood left behind like we're talking none left in the cow none mixed in with the mud none anywhere near by. Three months later, Terry fines another cow that's been killed in the exact same manner, and then the next year, there are two more but no one ever catches glimpse of what's mutilating these cows and it doesn't make any sense at all. Finally, one night Terry in Gwen or out side watching the CADDO waiting for anything suspicious to happen when an or a peers just above the treeline. It reminds them of the Orange orbs that they've seen before except this one is blue and it seems a lot smaller maybe two or three times the size of a baseball it flies. Above one of their horses than darts toward the House and stops abruptly about twenty feet above -Tarian Gwen from up close it almost looks like the orb is made of glass with bright blue liquid floating inside of it and it made a faint crackling sound that made them think that it might have been electrically charged. gwen turned on her flashlight to get a better look at this thing but the orb instantly takes off for the trees and disappears. Another night and sometime later, the same thing happens again, they're three dogs are barking the or like it's scaring them to and against his better judgment Terry let's all the dogs loose. They chase after the orb but each time the dogs get close it retreats into the sky holds for a moment and then dips down again almost like it's playing a game. The orb eventually speeds off into a thick and the dogs follow it within seconds Terry. Here's his dogs yelping in distress, and then everything goes eerily quiet. Now. Given everything that's happened Terry is not going into the woods himself whatever's out there. He doesn't want to kill him to he waits until the next morning to go out and search for the dogs about ten yards into the thicket. Terry comes across a small clearing and his jaw drops in the middle are three large circles of Brown grass. Each is topped with a heaping mass of what looks like incinerated flesh. It's the three dogs and may have been burned. This is the last straw whatever's going on Terry in Gwen. Now feel like it's attacking them directly and they want answers. So the Sherman's reach out to this guy named Joseph Junior. Hicks. He's a retired science teacher who's been keeping track of the unusual activity in the area for decades, and it turns out the ORBS and UFO's the Sherman's have been seeing aren't uncommon in fact, Hicks has records almost four hundred ufo sightings in the UN to basin. Some are just distant hovering lights similar to the orbs at the Sherman saw the ranch but many are actual aircraft like in nineteen, sixty six, a postal worker reported seeing silver craft hovering in front of a hill outside of town and in nineteen seventy, a man and his three sons. So some sort of craft with to exhaust jets poking out the back apparently, cattle mutilations were also comet dozens of cases were recorded during the nineteen seventies most of them not far from the Sherman's ranch but there was no hard evidence of what was happening no clear explanation and no one knew how to make it stop. The shermans were at a dead end. They realized they had no choice but to sell the ranch and move before things got any worse luckily for them in June of Nineteen, ninety, six a soon to be aerospace billionaire named Bob Bigelow read an article about the Sherman's ranch in a local newspaper. Bob had been obsessed with UFO's for decades. So when he hears about the sightings on the ranch, he decides to conduct a little investigation of his own. Puts together, a whole team of researchers to keep tabs on the ranch, and over the next year they witness almost everything. The Sherman's had described lights and objects over the ridge, another unexplained cattle mutilation, and even a strange creature that couldn't be shot dead. Then in April of Nineteen ninety-seven. Another strange incident occurs that his way more frightening than anything that's happened before and it might finally explain what's causing all the tear. Up Next we'll dive into some theories about the ranch. 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Can't believe this I mean, there's no broken fence there's no sign of an escape or any sort of theft or struggle like nothing. So he looks around for footprints and there aren't any of those either he checks everywhere. Eventually he checks inside a small trailer at the end of the chorale. The only door to the trailer is tightly locked and Terry hasn't opened it in years, but he's so desperate. He decides to glance through the window anyways, and sure enough he sees all four balls crammed inside. Their standing completely still like they're alive but they're staring into space. Also said, they've been hypnotized Terry calls, Bob Bigelow investigation team to come out in look around. But they have no idea how the Bulls got trapped in there either. Do, however, take out there metal detectors and they find out that the bars of the chorale next to the trailer are highly magnetized, which isn't true of the rest of the chorale or anywhere else on the ranch and forty eight hours. Later, the magnetism action is entirely gone. It's as if in those forty five minutes while Terry was gone, something had caused a magnetic field to appear literally polling the Bulls into the trailer. The scientists are absolutely fascinated by this and they start doing long late night watches to see if they can get any more readings. One nine August. At about two thirty in the morning to of the scientists are sitting on top of a bluff with their cameras and suddenly a small light appears about one hundred, fifty feet below them. One. Of scientists looks at it through binoculars and he says that it's a yellowish or floating just barely above the ground and it looks like it's getting larger or maybe just closer as it does it starts to look less and less like an. ORB. And more and more like a tunnel. And suddenly he sees something crawl out of the tunnel like some kind of humanoid creature, its links out of the light sets foot on the ground, and just walks away into the darkness and in the tunnel shrinks and fades away. Now, naturally, this guy is spooked his mind, they wait there for about fifteen minutes just to be safe then they go down to take measurements of any radioactive or. Happy, but their instruments don't pick up anything abnormal. As crazy as it sounds the scientist is one hundred percent. Sure of what he saw. It defies the laws of physics but he says it happened. So if there is no scientific explanation, what else could it be? As it turns out it's rumored that there's a curse over the entire you into basic. You see this specific area of Utah is home to a native American. Tribe called the heat during the eighteen hundreds. The youths were generally aligned with the Navajo tribes nearby. But at some point, they cozied up to the Spanish settlers even took part in the Spanish slave trade abducting Navajos who were then sold as slaves. All of this adds up to a laundry list of sins against the NAVAJOS and some use believe that in revenge the Navajos cursed their tribe with a humanoid creature known as. The Skin Walker now most native Americans won't even mention the skin walker out of fear of it. It's some kind of shape shifting creature and it can disguise itself as any kind of animal like say a dire wolf it's also believed that the skin Walker is pure evil. Its only purpose is to stir up mischief. This definitely fits with the mysterious creatures wandering around the ranch. Still an ancient curse is pretty far fetched and it doesn't explain the magnetic fields in magically appearing tunnels and even Ufo. The only other possibility that the scientists can come up with though is that none of this is really happening like either it's a hoax that day themselves have fallen for, or there's some sort of hallucinogenic plant in the area that's causing all of these quote unquote sightings. These are both pretty weak theories. There's no evidence of any kind of hallucinogenic plant in the area or in the water system but this point, the scientists just sort of give up..

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