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Final episodes are never applauded widely like this was a great finish to the series it's because there's something unsatisfying about knowing how it ends you wanted to just keep going and perpetuating itself because then there is activity and you being captivated and not knowing what comes next and that plays directly into this conspiracy theory topic and if you think of something never ending office public commuters in the great Pacific Northwest fortunately Miley Katie is here to give you the specifics about what's going on on the traffic conspiracy today I would say there's definitely traffic conspiracy based on the logic in Velvia value drivers are parked on south bound for a five from just before five twenty down to just after coal creek parkway west found five twenty drivers are not moving much faster heading on to the bridge from four of five that continues on to about halfway across the water near seatac airport drivers are jammed from the era Ford on north bound for a five with alternating heavy and light slowing up to Sunset Boulevard also near seatac drivers on south on I five or in heavy traffic from Boeing field down to one eighty eight looking at your travel time Seattle to is a clause sitting at twenty seven minutes ability to ever it is forty five minutes and Bellevue to south center is forty minutes traffic is brought to you by the emerald queen casino presenting hate sport mixed martial arts February twenty second the toughest of the tough go head to head February twenty second only at the emerald queen casino the entertainment capital of the northwest I Miley Katie with high row radial real time traffic I'm not this one was later albums this isn't it the track again I think this was.

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